Brodie cup winners, 2006
Brodie cup winning team, 2006

Men, women, young, old:
anyone can play to a cup winning standard



Membership of the Cambridge University Real Tennis Club is open to all: men, women, young and old, schoolchildren, students, locals, visitors (town or gown) and not just to members of the university (although junior members of the university do get a reduced rate). We welcome guests and our courts are among the best in the country with two well lit and well maintained courts.

The game is undergoing an enormous revival with new courts being built around the country every year.

The club is a friendly place presided over by our Senior Professional, Kees Ludekens. We are also very fortunate to have the services of Peter Paterson as our Assistant Professional and Scott Blaber as our Junior Professional.

The club has recently undergone a large development programme which has provided us with a new court, a club room and a new pros room.

You will be more than welcome at the club so please click here to contact us and speak to one of the pros.

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The green court



The two courts at Cambridge were built in 1866 and 1890 but the latter was converted into four squash courts in 1933. In 1999 it was re-opened for Tennis and has already hosted many competitions.

Also in 1933 the walls and floor of the older court were painted white and orange balls were used in an attempt to improve visibility. The original colour was restored in 1960.

Only six professionals have been in charge during more than a century:- John Phillips (1866-1882), Jim Harradine (1882-1909) and Arthur Twinn (1909-1921). In recent times Brian Church took over from Bill Tutt (1945-1958) and was responsible for training many of today's professionals, including Chris Bray (Petworth) who rose to second in the world rankings and Barry Toates (Melbourne) who was a challenger for the world title in 1981. Howard Angus was a great amateur who also learnt the game under Brian at Cambridge. Howard was world champion 1976-1981; the only amateur to have won the world titles at both Tennis and rackets.

Since Brian Church retired, Kees Ludekens has become the head professional. His enthusiasm and encouragement have increased the court bookings significantly. He is ably assisted by Peter Paterson and Scott Blaber, with the backing of an excellent committee.



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