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Cambridge University Real Tennis Club | Give Real Tennis a Try! 01223 357106 or pros@curtc.net
Give Real Tennis a Try! 01223 357106 or pros@curtc.net

Sign-up, Sign-Up, Sign-Up

Follow links in the Fixtures list (leftmost in menu above) or link as follows to sign up for the 2017/18 Season Inter Club Matches or Club Tournaments. A couple more slots have been added to the visit to Lord’s on December 9th. After sign-up you will receive a confirmation e-mail from curtc.fixtures at gmail.com

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Westward Ho

Oxford’s perfectly proportioned Court

A squad of CURTC’s finest are back from their trip to the mid west and west of the UK’s Real Tennis Clubs. First up was Oxford on Saturday. We did not get off to a great start… Newly re-recruited Paul Brown took the first set but with exemplary politeness allowed Danny Dawson from his new base to take the next two sets. Johnny Bailey was next up and faced the dilemma of plying Jeremy Irwin Singer who was also preparing lunch. Johnny did the right thing and lost as quickly as was deemed polite for the greater good.

And good it was! Both on the table and off as it signalled a dramatic change in Cambridge fortunes. Tony Kennedy was in fine form and made relatively short work of Chris Peri. Next up was the Saturday ‘dream’ team pairing of Ben Geytenbeek and Charles Pendred. They were up against the infamous (Ron) Mutton chop and ambidextrous serving Stephen Cryan. With the aid of some not so subtle distraction of Stephen in the form of almost true updates from the Scotland rugby match, Cambridge stormed (well walked briskly) back from 3-5 to take the first set. However, their sense of fair play prevailed and they returned the favour by allowing their opponents to take the second set after having a 5-3 lead and a couple of match points. But that was enough politeness as Cambridge took the third set, evening up the match at 2-All. Unfortunately this brought the Knees and Hip combo of yours truly and David Pimblett to Court to try and take the day. We creaked and groaned our way to 5-All against John Stevens and the returning Chris Peri but alas that was it as we let things, our tie and the match slip 5-8 and 2-3. Still an entertaining day of tennis and many thanks to Craig Greenhalgh for marking and organising and Jeremy for that invigorating lunch.

The spacious confines of Bristol RTC

Following a (not so) brief sojourn at the Magdalene Arms, it was on to Bristol the next morning. On the early shift, the Sunday ‘dream’ team of Kennedy and Bailey proved to be too good for our hosts. Johnny remained on Court for his Singles but began to visibly flag as he trailed 3-7 before he put in his bid for comeback of the day to put Cambridge 2-0 up. But would it be enough to give us a winning weekend and to take the coveted ‘Lazarus’ trophy?

Another excellent lunch (thanks to Lyn & Nigel Harradine) did not galvanise our opponents the way it had galvanised our good selves the day before. Back on Court Kennedy put on an immaculate display of hitting the ball straight back down the middle of the court which might have been fine when playing Doubles but was not such a great tactic against a fine striking but somewhat mobility challenged opponent. Still TK prevailed in spite of the singular lack of sympathy for his plight from the Dedans. The Knees and Hip duo were given a second outing but again proved more than unequal to the task as we slipped to a two set to nil defeat sufficiently rapidly to get us back on schedule.

Charles Pendred then took the Court and his somewhat abstemious lunch choices were looking decidedly ill advised as he slipped (well crashed might be a better description) to lose the first 6 games against Patrick Quinn. Fortunately this was a 10 game set and Charles finally got on the scoreboard to take that crucial 7th game. However that seemed a bit of an aberration as the score slid to 2-8. But suddenly there was a ‘Road to Damascus’ like transformation as Charles slowly started racking up the games and the score crept to 8-All. However in that crucial 17th game, Charles was 40-15 down and facing two sub 3yd chases. Incredibly he won one and it was chase off on the other; he got the serve back and served out not just the game but also the set to take the ‘Lazarus’ trophy by acclaim and give Cambridge a winning weekend! Many thanks to our hosts and Kevin King for his patient but eloquent marking.


The squad contemplating the eastward trip Home

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Champions of Champions!

Wednesday night saw the official presentation of the Champions of Champions trophy shield to Taybali and White captain, Simon White.

Simon White received Champions of Champions trophy

Champions of Champions

Having won division three in the Cambridge Leagues, the Taybali and White team: Simon White (c), Guy Kirk, Stuart Miller, Tom Hartley and Duncan Hannay-Robertson took part in the Champions of Champions inter-division match played between the teams which had won each division.

In a close-run final that went down to the final match, and despite Julian Stafford from the Kings team taking Most Valuable Player in the league, Taybali and White took the champions league to be crowned Champions of Champions.

Each of the five members of the team received an individual memento trophy in recognition of this most prestigious and coveted title:

Champions of Champions of the Cambridge League.


Guy Kirk, Champion!

Simon White, Champion!

Stuart Miller, Champion!

Tom Hartley, Champion!

Duncan Hannay-Robertson, hurt Champion!

Julian Stafford, MVP Champions League

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Monday Strike back

Biscuits included!

Week 2 of the Ball Making League, sorry Workshops saw the Monday evening team upping the pace considerably. The Wednesday morning squad, in spite of the presence of a true ball sewing bandit, struggled to keep up and went into overtime to get close to Monday’s magic 30. Please sign up if you’d like to join the fun!

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British Open November 12-21 @Queen’s Club

There is a lot going on at the British Open next week…
In particular: Juniors Day. All under 18’s can apply to watch the Doubles Semis by contacting Freddy Adam
Click here for the full program of Events and Draws
ps Ed is in action at 6pm on Sunday, November 12th and Jamie (remember him?) at 7pm on Tuesday, November 14th.

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CU Ladies visit Hatfield House RTC

Yesterday HHTC hosted a club match between Cambridge Ladies (students) and Hatfield’s finest.

The Cambridge Ladies were accompanied by their head professional and mentor Kees Ludekens who spurred them on throughout the day, offering tactical support and motivation from the Dedans!

Cambridge brought an impressive 9 up and coming students along to what is now a very important fixture in their calendar for continued player development and match play experience.

However Hatfield Ladies (accompanied by Steve Sullivan) were not fazed by the array of up and coming talent from the opposition, rising to the challenge and matching the impressive footwork, shot making and enthusiasm of Cambridge and managing to just edge the overall fixture in Hatfield’s favour.

It was great to see so many up and coming ladies and students on court from both clubs playing some great tennis in good spirits and we look forward to seeing Cambridge back next year with at least 10 shots improvement off this year’s handicaps!

Also a big thank you to Steve and Sarah Sullivan for providing a fabulous lunch to fuel the day whilst having a racket in one hand and source-pan in the other!

James Law, HHRTC

ps A couple of places left for our inter club match @Hatfield in January (the 21st, to be precise…)

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Pol Roger Final Recap

It’s only 5 minutes….

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Ball Making Workshop(s)

It’s Monday vs Wednesday in CURTC’s new morning ball making league. With not much help from me, I believe Wednesday eked out a narrow lead following their 20-ball output this morning, see photo. On the plus side, I didn’t hit my thumb/fingers with the hammer during the cover tacking part and I managed several successive stitches during the cover sewing phase. However, in spite of Kees’ kind words my output (fortunately only one) was the sort of ball that you want to keep in your pocket for a 40-all serve. It was actually a lot of fun and of course it is helping the club out in a time of need. Please contact the Pros if you can help out on a Monday or Wednesday morning at 9am for a couple of hours.
A couple of shots of the Wednesday squad in action…

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MURTC visit the Home of Real Tennis…

…for an Inter Club match on Saturday. Chris Bray dropped by to say hello, wish his team well and compare Tennis Hips (Tips?, Ed; No, Hips, Author; OK if you say so, Ed). After 11 hours (to the minute) of tennis, comprising of 4 Doubles and 8 Singles, MURTC edged the contest 7-5. Nigel Parslow got CURTC off on the right foot by overcoming the powerful boasting of Jonny Bruce in 3 sets. Done well as Jonny was doing, the Boast can be very effective if the depth is right. There also the added ‘twist’ in that I at least can never work out which way it is going to break after the umpteenth bounce of walls an floor.
For some strange reason most of the other Singles matches were a bit one sided. The one exception being Ben Geytenbeek who battled hard but lost the deciding game after his match had reached 5 all. (Except for the first Singles, all the matches were timed, hence the somewhat unconventional scores) The Doubles were a bit tighter especially my and Guy’s 12-11 loss. We definitely put the ‘slow’ in start and soon found ourselves 3-1 and 5-2 down. We got our noses in front 6-5 and we traded games to 10 all. Our opponents were not afraid to give the ball an enthusiastic whack especially if they got to it before the ball hit the floor. Stuart (who started playing in April) was in great form all over the Court and played a number of powerful overheads right down the middle, always an effective direction for a shot in Doubles. We lost the crucial 21st game and slid behind 12-10. Although we got one back, the buzzer sounded and our time was up.
ps Just heard from Nick the MURTC match manager. They have scored the match 106-101 in CURTC’s favour….So I think we will declare an honourable draw and try again next year at Middlesex!

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Cambridge @Prested National League, Division 1

For those of you who don’t follow the excellent CURTC Twitter feed @cam_tennis, Cambridge had a great result last night at Prested. Alex won 6-3 6-3 against Steve Taylor, Ed won 5-6 6-0 6-5 against Claire Fahey and Cambridge won the Doubles 8-5. Next up RTC at home on 23rd November. Should be a great evening of tennis so mark those diaries!

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Inter Livery Real Tennis Competition – 17th October 2017 at Queen’s Club, London

Bernie Carpenter & Miles Buckingham

David Carpenter, one of our new Liverymen and his doubles partner Miles Buckinghamshire of the Glovers’ Company won the “B” division of the Inaugural Inter Livery Real Tennis Competition held on the 17th October 2017 at the Queen’s Club. Real Tennis is perceived to be the “King” of racquet sports and demands both racquet and some cerebral expertise! Over approximately 2.5 hours of playing time, they won 29 games, lost 11 and won all 4 matches against their Livery Company opponents. In the Semi- Finals, they won against the second team from the Vintners and in the final they won against a team from the Carpenters and the Grocers’. Both their opponents in these rounds found the handicap difference difficult to overcome against the steady play of David and Miles who raced to early leads in both matches to win the cup and probably the unofficial award of the “the handicap bandits“ of the Competition.

24 livery Companies were represented at this Competition which was graced with the presence in the afternoon of HRH The Earl of Wessex, Patron of the Tennis and Rackets Association, who is a keen player of the game. Throughout 2018, HRH intends to play every real tennis court in the world (some 50 with 27 here in the UK) to raise funds for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award to help young people in their careers. To find out more about this historic undertaking and how you can help, please contact Challenge@DofE.org.

This inaugural competition was a great fun event. Our thanks go to our organiser Michael O’Dwyer of the Brewers’ Company and our main sponsor Psigma Investment Management and also to our other sponsors Pol Roger for the Champagne, Latimer Vintners for the wines, Fonseca for the port and Play Brave for our new white tennis shirts. Lastly, David and Miles would like to thank all our fellow competitors who play this truly wonderful game, Ben Ronaldson and his great team of markers and the Queen’s Club staff and their Chairman of Tennis, Simon Mansfield.

Plans for 2018 competition are already well in hand and you can be sure that David will be embarking on a recruitment drive for more Distillers representation!

David Carpenter, 23rd Oct 2017

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Brodie Cup: Jesmond 2-3 Cambridge

It’s a long way to Jesmond but well worth the effort as the Club have made huge strides recently in securing the future of their magnificent Court and our favourite pastime in the North East.
In the match itself, after victories for the 2nd Doubles (Michael Firth and yours truly) and 2nd Singles (Andy Smith), Captain ‘Guy’ Kirk sealed the victory with a 2 set win! 1st Singles (Julian Stafford) and 1st Doubles (Rupert Grose & Gerald Smith) faced tough challenges handicap-wise but left it all out there on the Court.

Some Collages of 4 of the 5 matches (click on thumbnail for larger version…)

Richard MacAlister (Jesmond) & Julian Stafford

Andy Smith & Nick Thompson (Jesmond)

Guy Kirk & Stephen Goodhart (Jesmond)

Gerald Smith & Rupert Grose and Simon Johnston & Alan Douglas (Jesmond)

and a Google Photos Gallery of the above images and more!
Next up is no more travelling, as Queens visit the Home of Real Tennis on November 19th.

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The Sox is Back

After 2 and half hours on Court at Queen’s Club, the Doubles pairing of our very own Bernie (Sox) Carpenter (Distillers) and Miles Buckingham (Glovers) managed to win the inaugural Inter Livery Company Real Tennis Tournament Psigma Cup.
We are scouring the internet for pictures…

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Giraffe Club Tournament, October, 7th

Congratulations to Jim & Andrew and India & Rufus!

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Cambridge vs Petworth House, National League Division 1, Wed Oct 4th

The Division 1 of the National League returns to Grange Road on Wednesday as Petworth House in the form of Tom Durack & Louis Gordon visit. This year Cambridge are represented by Ed Kay who will be looking to avenge a crucial defeat last year to Tom and ‘newboy’ Alex Evans who will have his hands full with the hard hitting Louis. The Doubles could be critical….. As it was last week when Ed & Alex got Cambridge’s Div 1 season off to a winning start at the Oratory. It all starts at 5.30pm, and all support would be most welcome!
Update: Alex & Ed win the deciding Doubles following Ed’s victory over Tom Durack

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Cambridge v Newmarket, Sept 30th 2017

It is always a pleasure to visit Newmarket to enjoy the marking of Andrew Knibbs, the Brian Blessed of the Real Tennis world, whose volume is matched only by the dramatic intensity with which he calls the score. “FOOURT-TEEEE” (delivered at high pitch) “ FIFFF-TEEEEN” (with a downward swoop to a basso profundo of disappointment).

But when not admiring Andrew’s marking, how was the tennis? We fielded a large group of players, with handicaps ranging from the 80s to the 40s, so play started early, with Gillian Moore against Philippa Wells. The comment from Andrew was: “A close match, but Gillian made the better decisions.” Since the score went 10/2 to Gillian, her perspicacity must have been very much in play.

Ben Geytenbeek got 4/1 up against Newmarket’s Jamie Robertson, (putting an awful lot of balls in the net at first), but then allowed Jamie back in, to finish 9/10 down.

Joe Zygmunt was helped by his opponent Bill Mackintosh’s habit of just getting the edge of his racket to in-coming balls, thus gifting Joe at least 6 or 7 more-or-less free points. Ben’s leftie serve was helpful too, in taking him to a 10/5 victory for Cambridge.

Catherine Stewart was (I believe) making her foreign-match debut against Henry Edwards, who first tried to bribe Ken the marker by scattering copious coins at his feet, and later took advantage of his advancing years by having a lie-down (Catherine following suit, followed by Ken….). At 1/5, Catherine got in her stride, showing true grit to reach 8/9. This galvanised Henry into actually running for the ball at least three times, but Catherine had no mercy for age, and took the match 10/9.

By now the scoreline was 3/1 in Cambridge’s favour. The doubles match, however, did not go our way. Husband and wife team, Jeremy and Linda Fairbrother, had great difficulty finding any serves to bother their opponents Ian Lindsay and Jeremy Barnett. In both sets, games crept up level to 3/3, and then, in both sets, the home team pulled ahead to win: Newmarket 6/5 6/3.

The final match involved the two players with handicaps in the 40s, Ken Smith (wearing his Newmarket hat) against Howard Mason. Ken romped ahead to 5/0, 6/0… 8/0! His spinning serves, and fine use of the dedans corners, were proving deadly weapons. It looked like being a whitewash, but at 9/0 Howard found some serves that worked, and Ken, tiring and spooked, began to make mistakes. Howard started to win points and deuces; and won the next three games. Could he scramble up the mountain all the way? Alas, no, it was too steep by this point, and Ken stopped the come-back to win 10/3.

So the end result was a very fair draw, 3 rubbers each, with an entertaining mix of tennis, psychology, and cunning – plus a good lunch too.

Linda Fairbrother

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CURTC v Old Rugbeians

The 2017/18 season got off to a competitive start against Old Rugbeains with a hard fought draw, 2 all.

The top doubles pair of 2 unrelated Firths, John and James, looked to be coming a close second against Oliver Buckley and Richard Bray when they were 5-3 down in the final set. In 2 closely fought earlier sets, shared 6-4, there was plenty of entertaining and high quality doubles. John and James regained their team work and clinched victory 6-5 in the last.

The second doubles match featured an all Cambridge affair of Stuart Laing and Simon Hirtzel for Rugby against the new pairing of Vix Harvey and Miles Hember. This also went to the final game in the 3rd set with Simon finding the Dedans to win against a chase of better than 2 yards.

The two singles were not quite as dramatic with Gerald Smith losing in 2 sets and Malcolm Howlett playing strongly winning in two to make sure the overall match was drawn.

The viewing gallery was put to good use for a delicious lunch provide by Katherine Firth – related to 2 of the players – and as always the Rugby match was very entertaining and played in excellent spirit.

Many thanks to Kees, Peter and Alex for organising and marking with their normal good humour.

Michael (Firth)

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Thank You!

Kerry, the girls and I would like to thank you for the very generous gifts we have received. We were all totally over whelmed by each and everyone of you who attended either Friday or Saturday or both, and everyone’s kind words of encouragement they all mean a lot to us. We have settled in quickly to our new home and hoping the club will re-open on or around the 4th September. If any of you are visiting the north please pop and say hi.

I would personally like to thank the committee for giving me the junior role in the first instance and all the members who have helped me grow to my new position of head pro. With special thanks to Kees and Peter for all of their mentoring over the past 14 years.

Scott, Kerry, Darcie and Eadie.

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CURTC Tayabali & White Champions League starts Tuesday, September 12

The Winners of the 5 T&W Singles League Divisions go head to head for CURTC bragging rights Schedule, Results…
UPDATE: Congratulations to Tayabali & White 2 – Simon White {c} / Guy Kirk / Duncan Hannay Robertson / Tom Hartley / Stuart Miller – who are the Winners of the 2017 CURTC Tayabali & White Champions League!!

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Lottie Fullerton, Oxford University Tennis Club

Dear Members,

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the tragic death of Lottie Fullerton. Lottie was the Ladies Blues Captain of the Oxford University Real Tennis Team in February this year; those of you who follow our students will remember that Lottie was a well loved member of the Oxford team on more than one occasion. She will be greatly missed. Read More

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The 2017-18 Graduate Cup

There are some significant changes to this year’s Graduate Cup including dates, eligibility, pricing and groupings for the draw.

***Entries close Saturday 7 October 2017***

The Graduate Cup is the CURTC’s premier handicap competition, first played in 1875. Below are the key dates, eligibility criteria and rules of the tournament.

* Eligibility

Over 18

Open to players with non-provisional handicaps

Results recorded against 4 different opponents since 1 June 2017

* Key Dates

Closing date for entries: Saturday 7 October 2017

Group Stage matches: Saturday 14 October 2017 – Saturday 2 December 2017

Last 16, Quarter Finals and Semi Finals: Friday 12-Saturday 13 January 2018

Grand Final: Saturday 17 March 2018 (Finals Day, sponsored by Hannay Robertson Financial Services)

* To Enter

Please sign up HERE: Maximum 64 spaces

* Payment

Senior members will be charged a one off court fee of £32 which will be debited from their Club account in the week following the closing date. For the knockout stages and finals, court fees will be added to members’ accounts in the usual way. Student players do not pay court fees but are expected to make every effort to play their group matches in a flexible and efficient way. Marking fees for the finals are sponsored by Hannay Robertson Financial Services.

* Format

The draw is for 64 players. There will be 16 groups of 4 players.

Players will be ranked in handicap order and divided into four divisions. A draw will take place and a player from each division will be drawn into each of the 16 groups, providing a representative for each of the four divisions in each group.

The Pros will, on request, block book courts for entire groups to play in one session.

In the event of a draw, group winners will be determined using the following criteria (in order):  most matches won, most games won, fewest games lost, coin-toss!

The Group winners progress to the knockout stage of the tournament which will be drawn. There will be no cap on the maximum difference in handicaps.

All group stage matches are to be played between Saturday 14 October 2017 to Saturday 2 December 2017. Players are responsible for arranging their own matches.

Each match is “first to 8 games”, to be played off handicap and 40-all, not deuce and advantage. Results where the handicap difference is greater than 10 will not be input thus protecting the stronger players who progress to the knockout phase.

Before entering please ensure that you will be available to play ALL 3 of your group matches before the group stage ends on 2 December 2017. If you fail to play matches you disadvantage your fellow group members!

We strongly encourage members to book all their matches by the end of October.

The 16 group winners from the group stage will contest 3 rounds of the knockout competition on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 January 2018, which will produce our two finalists. These matches will be arranged by the tournament organisers.

The Handicap Committee will review the handicaps of the Group winners prior to the start of the knockout phase of the tournament.

The Grand Final will be played on Saturday 17 March, Finals Day sponsored by Hannay Robertson Financial Services. The tournament winner will also be eligible to enter the National Handicap Tournament in the autumn.

A group winner unable to play in the knockout stage will not necessarily be replaced with the runner-up from the same group. Rather, the “next best” runner-up from all of the groups will be selected using the following criteria (in order):  most matches won, most games won, fewest games lost, coin-toss!

In the event that an issue(s) arises that is (are) not covered by the rules above, the matter will be decided by the Handicap Committee whose decision will be final.

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The 2017 Earthworks Cambridge Doubles League

Please let us know if you are interested in playing in the Earthworks doubles league (details below).

The 2017 Earthworks Cambridge Doubles League will commence at the start of October and finish early December. The team format will be the same as the Tayabali & White singles League except each team will only play each of the other teams once (i.e. not home and away) and as each evening will be for a total duration of 2 hours (6 p.m. to 8 p.m.), with each player on court for 1 hour 20 minutes, we suggest the provision of food and beverage will not be necessary.

The scheduling of match days for the various divisions is below.

Monday – Division 1 (Below 45)
Tuesday – Division 2 (45 – 55)
Wednesday – Division 3 (55 -65)
Thursday – Division 4 (65 -80)

Each team will play in 4 matches. On a given match day 3 of the 5 team members will be selected (by their captain) to compete. Each player will compete in 2 doubles matches ie with each of his/her two team mates against his/her opposite number. Each match will be off handicap and will be “the first to win a set to seven games”. All matches will be marked, the cost being £14.50 per person per evening includes marking & court fees

Please sign up HERE

With best wishes,

The CURTC Pros

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A Fond Farewell to Scott & Kerry

An amazing array of cakes made the Hazard end of the Blue Court even more hazardous than usual on Saturday as we said farewell to Scott who is off to take up the position of Head Pro at Jesmond Dene. Of course we are sad to see Scott and Kerry go but it is great to see the progress that Jesmond are making to safeguard the future of their wonderful Court and Club.
Click on the image below for a better view…

ps We will be visiting Jesmond over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May to see how they are all getting on!

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The Green Court in a New Light

Our fearless Senior Treasurer has installed an LED light on the Green Court. Note the the way the colour of the wall above the Penthouse changes from left (old lighting) to right (new light).

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Farewell to Scott, Saturday 5th August 2017, 10:30 am – 12 noon

Please come and say farewell to Scott and wish him well as he and his family move to the most northerly of England’s RT Clubs, Jesmond Dene where Scott will be the new Head Pro. Tea and cakes will be served on court at about 10:30 prior to George Pearson, the CURTC President, wishing Scott and his family well, at around 11:00 am.

Please try and come along.

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Tayabali & White League, 2017

Around 120 people from Handicap 11 to 93 played in The Tayabali & White League between January & July 2017.

We would like to congratulate you for making the T & W league so enjoyable over the season with the hosting of meals after the matches.

Furthermore, we would like to thank the Captains for their organisation of their teams & extend our gratitude to Simon White and to Imran Tayabali of T & W for their sponsorship.

Congratulations to the division winners (listed below) who will now have the opportunity to battle against each other in the Champions’ League in the last 3 weeks of September.

Division 1
Julian Stafford, Jimmy Campbell & Andrew Petrie

Division 2
Robin Faux (c), Howard Mason, Grattan MacGiffin, Peter Morrison & Nigel Parslow

Division 3
Tayabali & White 2,
Simon White (c), Guy Kirk, Duncan Hannay-Robertson, Tom Hartley & Stuart Miller

Division 4
Hit n’Hope,
Richard Bowers (c), James Dowson, Simon Hirtzel, James Stevens & Richard Brown

Division 5
Tony Peckham, James Keatley, Peter Cowley & Alex Peake

Apologies to anyone we have missed out who filled in for these teams


ps On behalf of all the players, many thanks to Peter for his tireless organization, all the Pros for their expert marking and T & W for making it all possible.

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Farewell to Scott

All members, past and present will be sad to know that Scott will soon be leaving CURTC to take up the position of Head Professional at Jesmond Dene, Newcastle. Although he will be missed by all who know him, this is a very exciting move for Scott and his family. His last day at work will be the 4th of August.
We hope to have a farewell event for Scott at the end of the Autumn term, when the students are back, in the meantime you may wish to say your own farewells.

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East Anglia Cup

Cambridge need a bit of help. Go Ian!

The EAC is an end of season tournie featuring our three neighbours Prested, Newmarket and Hatfield for (roughly speaking) 45-55 handicappers. The format is a round robin between the clubs with each tie being two Singles and one Doubles. It was our turn to host this year and Prested, the holders, had remembered to bring the Cup. So, after about 150 assorted e-mails it was time to actually get on Court at 9am on Saturday.

First up was Vix against Richard Dunn of Newmarket and a crucial game it turned out to be. Vix dug herself out of a hole at 4-1 to get back to 6-all before Richard edged it 8-6. Vix had another tough loss against the experienced Grandpa Vigrass but came storming back against Hatfield’s Richard Williams. Andy Smith was in fine form winning his three matches and the Doubles combo of yours truly defeated the Hatfield and Newmarket pairs, the latter match being interrupted by a visit from the fire brigade following a direct hit on the alarm from an errant forehand. But alas we came unstuck against the Rose Bowl winning pairing of Prested’s Ian Hawkey & Bryan Eaton. In fact, we did a reverse Vix by letting a 4-2 lead slip before getting back to 6-all and then losing the last two games. This proved to be the difference in the tally which saw Prested retaining the EAC with the final Score being: Prested 14, Cambridge 12, Hatfield 8 & Newmarket 2. Congratulations to Prested! We look forward to next year when we are off the Hatfield.

Click on images below for larger versions where you can actually see…

On Court from the EAC

2017 EAC Winners: Prested

This year we expanded the EAC to two days with the EAC Plus for 60+ handicappers on Sunday. This proved to be a three way match up with Hatfield pipping Prested to be the inaugural winners.

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Double Header!

CURTC 1+ – 2+, The Dedanists

CURTC hosted two matches last Saturday. The CU Ladies took on RTC, see Amanda’s match report below while The Dedanists took on CURTC in a close fought match and even closer fought lunch. The Dedanists came out on top, 2 and a bit to 1 and a bit. The ‘a bit’ bit is a bit complicated due to KK & JB being a bit overfast out of the gate and having to be a bit restrained mid match. Still it was much more than a bit entertaining to watch as we enjoyed a bit of lunch. (That’s enough ‘bits’, Ed)
Previously, the G men (Guy Kirk & Gratts MacGiffin) and Andy Smith had showed exemplary hospitality by letting our visitors win the 2nd set having comprehensively won the first. That was enough for Andy who promptly won the deciding set. The G men seemed determined to get to a 5-All, 40-All finish but were thwarted after probably the best rally of the match ended up in the Dedanists favour with the score only ’40-30′. Amanda then took an even more generous approach by letting her opponent recover from 4-0 in the 1st and 4-1 in the 2nd.
Click on the images below for larger versions of some on-court shots

CU Ladies vs RTC, Doubles

CURTC vs The Dedanists, 17/6/17

And then of course there was lunch….


Did someone say Lunch?

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CURTC Ladies vs RTC Ladies (& Nick)

To finish off a gruelling term of exams, the CURTC ladies took on the RTC Ladies in Cambridge on Saturday. Ellie McAleese debuted for Cambridge at 9:00am on the Green court against Alison Cryer of RTC (don’t worry… the wonderful new 2017/18 Ladies Captain, Olivia Chesser, was also at the courts at the start of that early May week hour). Unfortunately McAleese was unable to hold off Cryer, going down 8-5. Cambridge’s Linnea Gradin played Nick Hyams and engaged in a very tight tussle, going game for game. Unfortunately Gradin finally went down 8-6. Gradin and McAleese then teamed up for doubles, but the singles results were repeated and they lost 8-4 to the RTC pair.

In sweltering heat, the afternoon session kicked off with a doubles match between Carina Mouritsen-Luxhoj and Lucy Barrett of CURTC vs Sarah Lambie and Alex Soltynski of RTC. The RTC team took no time to warm up winning 8-2. Mouritsen-Luxhoj then took on Soltnski on the Green court, while Barrett took on Lambie in the heat of the Blue Court. A lack of court time over the exam period showed for Barrett, losing 8-4 to a very tough opponent in Lambie. Unfortunately Mouritsen-Luxhoj shared the same fate, despite producing some incredible shots into the dedans and being a point away from a game on several occasions, she went down to Soltynski 8-0.

We would like to thank the RTC team for making the journey to Cambridge and to Nicola Doble for all the organising that made it possible for this to happen (I hope we see you next time and maybe even reverse the results!) . Also thanks to Christie and the Pros for miraculously fitting us into a very tight schedule on Saturday.

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CURTC get Stuck on M4 and come Unstuck on Court



It was off to Holyport on Saturday and off we certainly were (with one notable exception). Our trip down was almost asymptotic, the closer we got, the slower we crawled. But eventually we arrived to see some (unscheduled) Doubles being played and CURTC already two down. Not a good start….
We didn’t do much better as we raced to a 6-1, 5-1 deficit. We clambered back to 5-all but that was it and we were left with the thought that we had doubled CURTC’s games won even if we had done nothing for the sets won. Guy and Kate also managed a 6-5 but we were facing a whitewash as Kate took to the Court for the final match. While I consoled myself with some lunch Kate got serious and I looked up to see a 5-0 lead. Returning to the Dedans to support in person did cause a slight hiccup, but Cambridge finally won a set! And then another to at least get Cambridge to 1 in the Win column.
Many thanks to our hosts, especially Colm O’Shea the HRTC MM amd John Evans the HRTC Pro for marking. We look forward to doing a bit better when HRTC visit next year!
Click on the image below so you can actually make out what is going on…

Kate Kirk, Julian Stafford, Jules Camp, Guy Kirk -CURTC vs HRTC- Chris Figg (playing Kate), John Evans (Marker), Colm O’Shea (MM)

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