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Free Taster Sessions!

Membership of CURTC is open to all, very much town as well as gown.  We love welcoming new members of any age.  This ancient and intriguing game is fast or slow, tactical, subtle and addictive.  One of our professionals (Kees, Peter and Adam) is usually here 9am – 5pm on weekdays or 9am – 12 noon on Saturdays, they will be happy to explain and encourage.

We offer free taster lessons in small groups usually on the first and third Wednesday each month at 12:30pm and 5 or 6pm.  Just register your interest with the pros, in person, by telephone, 01223 357106 or by email

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Champagne Leagues Finals

Division 1 saw Charles Harcourt giving up three points to someone whose face looks familiar but the name escapes me. The familiar face needed a quick start and, in spite of an effort at self-handicapping, succeeded and was quickly 2-0 to the good. Unfortunately the good didn’t last and Charles’ unerring accuracy didn’t err enough to give his opponent much of a chance. And so Charles reversed the score line to lead 5-2. Mr Mo(memtum) had one more laugh as the familiar one with either a touch of desperation or more purpose (your choice) smashed, framed and stroked his way to levelling the score at 5-all. But Mr Mo had had enough and the unerring accuracy stopped erring and Charles took the next 3 games.

Division 2 saw a resurgent John Bailey take on the ever improving Liam Guyton. There was a collective groan from the admittedly Bailey biased Dedans as John completely missed his first shot as the ball came down from an admittedly great height and fell for chase 2. It was quickly 1-0 to Liam and the Dedans were preparing for an early getaway. Maybe 1-0 is not exactly Lazarus territory but John grabbed Mr Mo by the scruff of the neck and traded games to 4-all. The Dedans were treated to some notable rallies and some frankly remarkable footwork from both players but, given recent history, John’s was surely the more remarkable. And suddenly JB had served himself to a 40-owe 15 lead in the crucial 9th* game. But after giving up a chase due to some frankly unremarkable footwork, Mr Mo decided he would stay down the server’s end and Liam closed out the contest.

Congratulations to our worthy winners and here are some more pictures of the bottles from sponsor Pol Roger seen in the post below.

CL Div 1 winner: Charles Harcourt

CL Div 2 winner: Liam Guyton

Photo credits, Kate Kirk

*Whereas the 7th game is normally seen as the crucial game in a set, this time it wasn’t…

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Champagne Leagues, sponsored by Pol Roger, Finals

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Real Tennis World Championship starts tonight, Sunday, September 17th

From the planet’s newest Real/Court Tennis court at the Westwood Country Club just outside Washington DC in the US of A, John Lumley takes on the World Champion, Camden Riviere

Day 1, 7pm

Day 2, September 19th, 10pm

Day 3, September 21st, 6pm

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RCC inaugural Rob & Claire Fahey Cup

CURTC hosted the Real Champions Club** annual(ish) tennis tournament which this time featured the rather splendid Rob & Claire Fahey Cup (or Trophy, depending on who you believe). A very, very hot and steamy weekend of on court action tested the stamina and (in my case) the number of vaguely respectable tennis shirts of 32 players from across the UK. Saturday saw the Box Matches (round robin of similarly handicapped pairs) followed by the KO rounds on Sunday. In between was a visit to an equally hot Cambridge University Rugby Club for some of Sebastian’s splendid catering and a complete absence of draught or cold beer.

CURTC was represented by some familiar names including the Reviers who romped, bobbed and weaved through the 60(ish) Box matches. Jon Speirs and Jin Lee survived a very tough group of high velocity tennis and my pair survived by the narrowest of margins to play another day. The Reviers came a bit unstuck by the ‘early night’ tactic of their Sunday opponents but Jon & Jin seemed to suffer somewhat from Jon’s different interpretation of ‘early’. So the final was CURTC member free but congratulations to Dan Worboys and Amy Pye (6th and 7th from left above) who took away the aforementioned cup/trophy presented by the great man himself. Dan & Amy only lost one match the entire weekend but modesty forbids me from mentioning their opponents.

Scores can be found here but please note they only reflect the games score, the winner being the pair ahead on points when the buzzer sounded.

Many thanks to Candida Nicholls, Martin Village and Carl Snitcher from the RCC and our Pros who manfully marked two days of intense tennis. Louise provided a memorable lunch on Saturday as did Vix on Sunday. We look forward to welcoming back the RCC sometime in the future, preferably when it isn’t quite as hot!

**The RCC was set up to help fund the ‘Investing In Professionals’ program which provides a structured program to deliver Real Tennis Apprenticeships and enhance the skills of Real Tennis Professionals. They provided support for our very own Jim Ludekens during his apprenticeship.

R&C F T winners, Amy & Dan

David Phillips & Giles Stogdon, runners-up

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The (actual) East Anglia Cup is (finally) back at CURTC…

…after Cambridge’s hard fought victory back at the end of June. Looks like it needs a bit of a clean and some engraving…

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In more or less chronological order…
(Dr) Ben



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East Anglia Cup & Cup+, 24/25 June 2023

East Anglia Cup

It was CURTC’s turn to host the annual team competition for our neighbouring Clubs. The Cup (h’cap 45+) and Cup+ (h’cap 60+) are round robin team competitions with two singles and one doubles per tie. Both days were hot and Sunday was hotter, the temperature and the tennis. TK was kind/brave enough to be a last minute substitute for Hatfield who lost a player on Friday afternoon so we had a full complement both days.
Saturday saw the hosts start strongly and somewhat surprisingly based on recent results, continue strongly. However the top three teams were only separated by 1 point going to last four matches. Fortunately, CURTC’s man of steel for the day, Charles Norbury (see below for his secret*) was one these matches and he duly completed his unbeaten run along with the Newmarket Doubles pair of Ian Lindsay and Phil Payne and Bruce Hogarth-Jones (Prested).

CURTC’s victorious team (in the background)

Sunday saw our nearest neighbours, Newmarket, led by the unbeaten and still youthful Richard Dunn, take the honours. Prested (led by the undefeated Jane Taylor) and Cambridge were unable to recreate last year’s almost dead heat ending 2nd and 3rd. TK was again on court, wearing his Singles hat, and provided the much appreciated solid and liquid sustenance for one and all.

TK enjoying lunch rather than providing it.

Next year, Hatfield will host and if we can get the two actual Cups from Prested we will make sure they are sent to their new homes! And finally a couple of admittedly slightly random photos from Saturday…

Jane Taylor doing a marking stint, Thanks Jane!

Last of the lunch…

*‘The summer season ticket has allowed me to play regularly without the financial restraint of court fees.  The regular time on court saw me have my best day for the club at the East Anglia Cup.’

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Champagne Leagues sponsored by Pol Roger…

…have started! DRAW

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Try Real Tennis!!

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Cambridge Doubles, 2023

Cambridge Doubles, 2023

Ten pairs across two divisions competed for the prestigious (well we think so!) bragging rites of being a Cambridge Doubles winner. Fed by a magnificent spread of Julia Child dishes as channelled by our very own Kees, marked with suitable aplomb and accuracy by Peter, Jim and the chef, the reigning champions, Bella Harvey and Alex Sam, repeated their Division 1 triumph while Division 2 went to the new pairing of Shubham Haria and Peter Cowley.
You can find the results and how much we lost the final by: HERE or you can stay here and admire the not so impressive efforts off our players to get airborne. The first attempt was frankly not up to par…

First attempt…

So next up was a prejump practice…

Admire the impressive bending of (some) knees

Before finally the majority managed some space between their feet and the ground.

Congratulations again to our worthy winners, Bella and Alex , below and Peter and Shubbham, far left above

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A Hoyport Awayday

On arrival, he was hopeful…

Hello, I’m Mrs Brooke, the rather cute, if I say so myself, German Shepherd you’ll occasionally see at the club with the Reviers. On Saturday last I joined them on one of their cute little wanderings to another club which they told me was in Barkshire so, of course, I just had to go. An hour and a half asleep in the back of the car and we were there. It really was worth the journey. It’s a beautiful club, especially in the May sunshine, built over what was a swimming pool in the grounds of who knows what.

He who feeds me…

Tom Nicoll shows how to win at Hoyport

The day started well with the younger Revier, Camice, winning a three setter amidst much laughter. Then it was his turn, the older Revier. He’s two different players. This time the loser turned up. Sometimes he just enjoys himself. I do wish he’d take it more seriously more often. The third match was our Tom Nicoll against their Ben Hobkinson. We sneaked Tom is as a bandit. That they’d done the same with Ben had the pair deliver a match way better than their mid 60s handicaps. My highlight was playing with the Hobkinson children, 10 and 8, who’d found themselves a dog to play with all day. Christie Marian had said he’d never won at Holyport and, indeed, didn’t break his duck though this time he put up a better defence.

I liked Holyport. It’s a bright, clean, welcoming club and their pro, Josh, was excellent company. If this was a tennis awayday, I might do a few more. If they’ll have me. I can just see myself lunching on the veranda at Queen’s or prowling the dedans at Hampton Court and think what fun I could have among the blazers at Lord’s.

In sport, Brooke.

As for the tennis, of course it was a draw. It’s what Cambridge do.

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2023 CURTC Ladies Championship: Ulla Petti versus Anna Chesca

Anna & Ulla

Ulla beat Anna 6/3 6/4 in an exciting contest between the University’s No 1 Real tennis Blue and the University’s No 1 Lawn tennis Blue!

Ulla was able to control the match by serving to an excellent length against the left handed Anna and then placing the ball at an awkward height on the tambour to prevent Anna from intercepting. On the occasions that Anna found her length with her railroad, she was able to dominate the rally with her impressive speed around the court and she started forcing at pace in the second set. There were many examples of long exciting restes for the crowd of new recruits and former and forthcoming Champions to enjoy.


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T&RA ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Award: The Maltby Salver

Congratulations Ben. Well deserved!

ps Ben was also nominated for the new T&RA Member’s Choice award. His nomination:

“Singlehandedly (with perhaps a little help from Jacqui!), Ben has transformed the streaming of Real Tennis at not one but multiple courts across the country. ‘Ben’s Den’ is now a feature at major tournaments allowing top quality real tennis to be enjoyed on your in the comfort of own home/work place. Multiple cameras, integrated scoring, audio, amazing in game statistics all appear seamlessly on your screen.

Furthermore, Ben has generously shared his knowledge and time to assist individual Clubs and the T&RA in setting up their own systems.

Thank you Ben for all the video streaming you have done for us and the clubs! It has also improved sponsor visibility and has the potential to draw in a new audience for the game.”

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CURTC At Queen’s, Sunday, 30th April – From The Post Match Interview

When the club’s Tim Clarke (68 and falling, oic drama, St John’s College School down the road) suggests you see a particular show he’s probably right. Camice and I made a weekend of the club’s visit to Queen’s and enjoyed almost all of it. Suspiciously cheap parking near St Katherine’s Dock and a walk to The Bridge had us at the Saturday matinee of Guys and Dolls, the movie of which is exactly my age but this was so, so much livelier than me and the movie. We were ‘immersed’ as the show went on in front, behind and all around us. It was simply the best musical I’ve ever seen. The interval has cast members singing to the shuffling crowd and the finale has the ‘immersed’ dancing with the cast on stage. I found myself dancing with Nicely Nicely Johnson but he’s not phoned since. Behind and above us in the more expensive seats was the Clarke clan. He’s trade. He probably gets a discount.

Breakfast of Champions

We arrived late at our across the river from Queen’s airBnB. The welcome was a touch terse. No. Seriously. The last time I was that unwelcome at a door I was leading a drugs raid. We chose to breakfast at Queen’s and I never did see what our host looked like from the front. Sunday morning breakfast on the veranda at Queen’s. No adjectives needed. As for the day’s tennis, I can’t be bothered writing it up and have just transcribed our manager’s post match interview.

“We knew it was a difficult place to go. When Stevie Chadwick scored in the winning gallery with the game’s first move, we was hopeful of three points but we let them back into the game and at half time it was all to play for. When two of our senior players, big Dave P and TK, didn’t step up after being nobbled over lunch with white wine by their striker, Sidney Yankson, I knew we were in trouble. You’d think experienced players like them two would know better and the club will have to see what we do about it. Still, the lads dug in and I was pleased with the performance. Jin did well. Real box to box player that lad. Joey Z and young Ed put in a shift. Big Al was very, very solid in defence at the end of the day. I was pleased with the effort. I left Cam and Streetsy on the bench and they’re rooting for the first team. Which was good. I went for an early bath and was disappointed to come back to find big Dave P had signed for the opposition in the post-lunch transfer window. Still, at the end of the day, Joey Z and Big Al kept him out. I’m always pleased when Howard Angus referees. You know exactly what you’re gonna get. But all we do now is look forward to the next match. A game at a time.”

Team : Jin Seok Lee, Tony Revier, Steve Chadwick, Charles Norbury, Dave Pimblett, Joe Zygmunt. Alasdair Bovaird.

Subs : Marcus Streets, Camice Revier.


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