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2016 Tayabali Tomlin & White Champions League…

… is underway. Some staggering handicap differences are being played!

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Champagne Leagues Finals 2016

In the Div 1 final Mark Perriton beat Ross Smythe, Mark went 5-3 down after tripping over but then picked himself up & rallied with determined retrieving & great serving.

In the Div 2 Final between Paul Carson & Duncan Hannay Robertson was nip & tuck until 4 games all when Duncan managed to pull away to 8-4 with good sidewall serving.

In the Div 3 final James Dowson hard hitting style was too strong, a number of main wall forces went past Jonathan Spence for James to win 8/1 though a number of games went to 40 all.

Many thanks to the sponsors Pol Roger for their generous prizes for each semi finalist a bottle of Drouhin-Vaudon Reserve de Vaudon and for the winner a bottle of Pol Roger Brut Reserve Champagne.


Ross Smythe & Mark Perriton (Division 1)

Ross Smythe & Mark Perriton (Division 1)

Jonathan Spence & James Dowson (Division 3)

Jonathan Spence & James Dowson (Division 3)

Paul Carson & Duncan Hannay Robertson (Division 2)

Paul Carson & Duncan Hannay Robertson (Division 2)

Results of KO Rounds (or how Mark, Duncan & James did it)

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CURTC rise above Ol’ Rugbeians


CURTC got back on track with a 3-2 win against the Ol’ Rugbeians last weekend. CURTC were helped by Andy Smith’s ‘big jump’ to get above Simon Hirtzell (Old Rugbeians). Andy took up the sport this summer and proved he’s one to watch this season.. he won 6-2, 6-0.

Kees and Vix

ps Spotted on Court: this CURTC leadershhip pairing

President George & Cap't Jimmy

President George & Cap’t Jimmy

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CURTC ‘Crumbles’ in face of Irish onslaught

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National League: October 27th & November 24th @CURTC

National League Division 1, 2016/7

National League Division 1, 2016/7

Ed & Jamie begin their defense of their National League Division 1 title on October 27th @Holyport at home against Petworth on WedneThursday, October 19th 27th and Leamington on Thursday, November 24th. Looks like there will be some exciting Tennis at Cambridge over the next 6 months!

ps If anyone can identify the algorithm used to rank the teams in the above table, please leave a comment…

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CURTC joins forces with the Workplace Challenge

CURTC is offering 6 companies the chance to compete in the first ever Real Tennis Workplace Challenge. Thanks to the generosity of the T&RA and Living Sport, teams of 3 players can enter the Challenge for only £150/ team. This will cover all equipment, court fees, lessons for 4 weeks with the Pros and a fun tournament and drinks reception on 30 September. Please encourage your colleagues to sign up without delay; lessons start at the beginning of September


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Tayabali Tomlin & White Singles League, 2016

logo_ttandw_50Around 125 people from Handicap 2 to 85 played in The Tayabali Tomlin & White Singles between January & July 2016.

We would like to congratulate you for making the TT&W league so enjoyable over the season with the hosting of meals after the matches.

Furthermore, we would like to thank the Captains for their organisation of their teams & extend our gratitude to Simon White and to Imram Tayabali of TT &W for their sponsorship.

Congratulations to the division winners (listed below) who will now have the opourtunity to battle against each other in the Champions League in the last 2 weeks of September.

Division 1
CU Students,
Jimmy Campbell (c), Alex Evans, Nick Worsnop, Ed Kay & Andy Webster

Division 2
Tayabali Tomlin & White,
Imran Tayabali (c), Simon White, Paul Robison, John Lees, Gerald Smith & Shaun Ruffles

Division 3
Mark Law (c), Howard Mason, Guy Kirk & Stuart Laing

Division 4
Hit n’Hope,
Richard Bowers (c), Andrew Rowson, Simon Hirtzel, Hugh Markus & Richard Brown

Division 5
Richard Jones, James Keatley, Ollie Brenton & Sara Hawkins

Apologies to anyone we have missed out who filled in for these teams

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Jimmy Campbell vs Simon Fox

The first match in last week’s National League, Division 5 Final was a 2 1/2 hour epic. Simon Fox won the first set and had a 4-1 lead before Jimmy removed his headband and won 5 straight games. In the 3rd, Jimmy changed shirts and moved to a 5-3 lead but Simon was not done as he got the service end and 2 games to even it up at 5 all. But at 30-all in the last game, Jimmy crucially got two chases… Some PHOTOS

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CURTC vs RTC: The Final

The CURTC stars played magnificently to defeat RTC 2-1 in a very close Div 5 Final.

The confident CURTC Captain, Jimmy Campbell, promised Kees a 10 pm end to the the event, and who would doubt him; the team’s preparations could not be faulted – weekly fitness session with Karen Pearce and early morning practises with Duncan Colquhoun, Scott and Kees should have made for a quick victory.

Clearly wanting to demonstrate his new levels of fitness, Jimmy Campbell lasted longer than ever before (2 and 1/2 hours!) to clinch victory over ex Cambridge Blue Simon Fox by 2 sets to 1 (4/6, 6/4, 6/5).

Andrew Petrie left no room for questions, overpowering his opponent Fred Satow in two clear sets (6/1, 6/1).

Charlie D’Oyly played a confident first set winning it 6/2; however, his opponent Geoffrey Russell came back fighting and took the second two sets (3/6, 3/6).

Pork pies and beer made a welcome post match meal. Jimmy really went the extra mile to make the guests feel welcome, showing serious attention to detail by trimming his beard to resemble the picture of Henry 8th positioned in the grille at RTC.


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Cambridge vs Manchester: The Photos

You’ve seen the video, you’ve read the report, now for the PHOTOS

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Another National League Final: Cambridge win

Charlie's ready

Charlie’s ready

Latest: Cambridge win 2-1 after a Jimmy Cambo 3 set epic and Andrew Petrie’s stylish victory…
Cambridge take on RTC (aka Hampton Court ) starting at 6:00pm, yes 6:00pm on Friday in the Division 5 Final.
First up is Cap’n Jimmy Campbell vs Cambridge alum Simon Fox, followed by Andrew Petrie vs Fred Satow and a night cap of Charlie D’Oyly vs Geoffrey Russell (best of three full sets Singles with none of this short third set business).
I’m sure all support would be most welcome!

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Spotted at the Club

tshirtNovel commemorative t-shirt with deliberate mistake – collector’s item!

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BBC1 Documentary featuring CURTC Mon 10:45pm

Martina Navratilova on CURTC Blue Court

Martina Navratilova shakes hands with Sophie Morrill on the Blue court

The club will feature on BBC One next Monday!

Martina Navratilova’s recent trip to CURTC will appear towards the end of the new BBC documentary Just call me Martina on BBC1 on Monday 4 July at 10.45pm, after the news. Sophie Morrill makes an appearance and represents the Club and Real Tennis perfectly.

I had the opportunity to see the documentary at the advance press screening and I found it fascinating. I would highly recommend it to you all.

This is a great opportunity to promote Real Tennis to your friends, so please let them know about it as well.


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(not) Up for Cup

FullSizeRender-1This year’s East Anglia Cup was held at Prested last Saturday. Still buzzing from Cambridge’s epic victory in the National League, Division 1 final the day before (tinnitus following a headphone malfunction while streaming on Friday), your intrepid reporter set out for a return to Prested on Saturday. The Cup is a four way end of season Read More

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Cambridge win an epic Doubles decider….

Cambridge are 2016 National League Div 1 Champions. Congrats Ed & Jamie and thanks Darren & Rob for some great tennis! Many thanks to Jimmy Campbell, Rob Shenkman and Ed Hyde for taking turns behind the mike and to Paul Brown without whom none of this would be possible. If you missed the live stream (or want to see it again) the video of the entire Final is available HERE

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National League, Division 1 Final: 3:30pm this Friday 24th…

Please come along and support Ed and Jamie as they take on Manchester in the Division 1, National League Final. Read More

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CURTC vs Canford: The Movie (and Photos, of course)

The Hyde’s Court was nice and bright but Canford was even brighter with an interesting mix of natural and artificial (sodium, I think) light. Well that’s my excuse for even more photos than usual and a ‘movie’ (after the photos). You can find it all HERE

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CURTC stagger on to Canford – June 5th, 2016

The Home (in the UK) of Chase 8

The Home (in the UK) of Chase 8

Fortified by an assortment of fine dining, wine and whiskey (and I dare say a few beers) our intrepid CURTC travellers made it to Canford for the 2nd leg of their Dorset tour in more or less one piece. Andy Murray was due to play that other kind of tennis so would it be a day to remember or forget… The first thing to note is that Canford really does have a Chase 8… Read More

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The Hyde, part 2

Just in case you were wondering there are a few more photos from CURTC’s visit to The Hyde and they can be found HERE

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CURTC visit The Hyde, June 4th 2016

It’s quite a way and the ‘end of half term’ weekend is probably not the best one to choose but one of the more characterful Tennis Court awaits. It’s had a varied life including a tank repair depot during WW2 (the vehicle entrance is visible from the outside). But it was restored to its rightful use in the 90’s and by all accounts is thriving. A warm welcome awaits including matching cutlery…

and NO 3-pronged Forks

…and NO Three Pronged Forks

and some wise words

Wise Words

…and sage advice. Read More

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The Northern Powerhouse (aka Manchester) Returns: National League Division 1 Final

Having topped the regular season of the National League Division 1, Cambridge host runners-up Manchester on Friday 24th June starting at 3.30pm. Read More

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Friday, June 24th…National League, Division 1 Final

…a special Event* is coming to CURTC. Details to follow….. All starts at 3:30pm @CURTC…..
*Yes, it involves Real Tennis and Ed and Jamie and Manchester

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The Home of Cricket comes to Cambridge for some proper sport

With a test match and the final of the Real Tennis World Championship going on, what better way to celebrate some famous victories than for the MCC team to visit CURTC? Read More

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World Championship catch-up

The World Championship continues tonight, but if you missed the first day’s play, you can catch up here:

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The Results are in…

Richard Bowers & newly polished Graduate Cup

Richard Bowers & newly polished Graduate Cup

…from the Cambridge Weekend. Congratulations to Richards Bowers, 2016 Graduate Cup Winner, who overcame Chris Eggleton in the Final. Richard clearly gained a totally fair advantage by bringing his Mum along to admire the newly sparking silverware.
Howard Mason & Aurelien Gueroult were Divison 2 winners defeating Emily Chadwick and Amanda Murphy who clearly put her team at a huge disadvantage by forgetting her shoe matching pink socks seen at the 150th Anniversary Tournament.
Duncan Colquhoun & Ed Kay were Division 1 winners overcoming Gary Weller and John Firth who at least had the presence of mind to wear matching length shorts… Photos with longer captions than usual

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Announcing the CURTC Twitter Feed @cam_tennis

Hello to all the tweeters out there. The land of @-symbols, hashtags and <140 character updates has a new feed: @cam_tennis (Unfortunately there is a CURT out there who has grabbed @curtc)

Follow this link:
to see tweets of all news from Cambridge’s best Real Tennis club.

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World Championship Screening

We will be streaming the 2016 World Championships Read More

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LRTA vs Newmarket, May 8th 2016

LRTA beat Newmarket 3 matches to 2

Linda Fairbrother lost to Julia Scott 1/6 6/5 5/6
Hazel Dunn lost to Rob Bawden 1/6 6/1 3/6
Pam Tomalin beat Ian Lindsay 2/6 6/4 6/5
Karen Pearce beat Dominic Tomalin 6/5 3/6 6/5
Kim Walker beat Jeremy Barnett 6/5 6/3

What an amazing match we had against Newmarket!

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The Roof is on and so are We….

April 2016

Wellington Real Tennis Court, April 2016

…for a trip to Wellington’s brand new Real Tennis Court on Sunday, October 16th (2016). Sign up HERE

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