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CURTC vs Radley, Brodie Cup: Part 2

Match 1: 30 Singles Neil Stutchbury beat Matthew Alden 6/5 6/2

The first match saw some fantastic tennis between Cambridge’s Stutchbury and Radley’s Alden, “on loan” from Oxford for this match. Stutchbury began with some clinical execution into the backhand corner to race to a 4-0 lead in the first set, but Alden started to dig them out and turn the rallies into his power game. Slowly, Alden fought back to 4-all and 5-all, with the frustration beginning to show for Stutchbury. Finally, he pulled through the first set 6-5 by some excellent play to both sides of the court. Stutchbury continued the momentum into the second set sweeping the first four games again to 4-0. Despite some hard forcing from Alden, to pull back a couple of games, Stutchbury held his nerve to win by defending some short chases.

Match 2: 50 Singles Gerald Smith lost to Martin McNair 5/6 1/6

G. Smith was playing against the odds, with an opponent who had dropped several handicap points since the cut-off in September. Nevertheless, he raced to an early lead, finding the right length of his shots and consistently hitting the tambour. At 3-0, McNair started to find his serve, but G. Smith held steady to 5-2. However, the match quickly fell into a familiar pattern. G. Smith struggled with the serve, reaching a lead in most games but dropping a chase and struggling from the Hazard end. McNair built momentum, taking the first set 5-6 and then racing through the second set to take the match 1-6.

Match 3: 35 Doubles Julian Stafford and Andy Smith lost to Rupert Henson and Tony Munsey 4/6 6/3 6/4

The match was truly an epic. Having just arrived at the court, Stafford and A. Smith were straight on for their warm-up. In their way was the fast paced play and heavy boasting of Henson and Munsey. Cambridge started poorly, with both Cambridge players making several unforced errors as Radley raced to a 1-4 lead. Eventually, though, Cambridge found a little bit of momentum and and brought back a couple of games. They even defended 3 set points before finally succumbing to a wayward force at the dedan. Cambridge carried the momentum into the second set as the Cambridge pair started to get the hang of the court. Stafford was swiping at anything that came near him and A. Smith was digging everything out from the corners on the main wall. The ball pinged all over the place but Cambridge got a lead in the set and held onto it. A quick return game by A. Smith followed by some long drawn out rallies gave Cambridge the second set 6-3. The intensity dropped a little at the start of the third, Radley going up 0-2, but then everything seemed to find the strings of the Cambridge rackets. No Radley force seemed to go in, and Cambridge had an answer for everything. The crowd was jubilant as Cambridge won four games back-to-back, and had a chance at going within one game of the match. It was not to be; Radley stuck to it and pinned Cambridge at the hazard end for a few games to benefit from the last swing in momentum. A final game shot at the winning gallery on Hazard One found the Hazard Second Gallery post and the game was over.

Match 4: 40 Singles Aaron Wienkers lost to Magnus Garson 1/6 5/6

Soon after this match started, it was clear that Wienkers was being outclassed. Garson, a year 11 student, was covering the court brilliantly and showing some excellent forces into the dedans. Wienkers tried, yet failed to get a backhand volley time after time, as Garson raced through the first set 1/6 and looked like he would wrap it up quickly. But Wienkers dug deep at the start of the second set. His volleys started to work properly, and was testing Garson out in the backhand corner. First one game, then another and Wienkers was on a roll. The galleries started buzzing again, could he pull off an upset? The score was 3-2, then 4-2 and at 5-2 it looked like Cambridge were back in it. Garson provided a couple of excellent service games to drag himself back in it, and Wienkers didn’t even get a set point until the score was 5-5, 40-all, at which point Garson laid a worse than a yard chase and it was all over.

Match 5: 45 Doubles Ben Geytenbeek and Christie Marrian lost to Ed Alder and Dom Stone 2/6 2/6

The fixture by now was well and truly decided in Radley’s favour, and it was left to the school’s rackets and lawn tennis champions to seal the deal over Geytenbeek and Marrian. The Cambridge duo tried hard to get some momentum, but anything even remotely down the centre of the court was volleyed from the galleries hard into the grille or the tambour and the point was lost. They struggled to find a chase as the athletic youngsters seemed to get everything back. They managed to string together a few games here and there, but whatever wimpering of a resistance they compiled was beyond futile.

Thanks go to Chris Ronaldson (above right) and Nino Merola for their marking, the latter having played in the British Open earlier in the day, and to Maggie Henderson-Tew for catering and hospitality.

Ben Geytenbeek

Google Photos Album with above pictures and much more: RadleyBrodie

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Bit late with this one! Not the Varsity Match 5, the annual Alumni match, saw the ‘Not the Light Blues’ retain the coveted Fleming Cup after 18 hours of hard fought tennis. Part 1 has the teams more or less in separate collages. Click on the images for a larger version. Part 2 coming soon…

(Most of) Not the Light Blues, NtVM5

Not the Dark Blues, NtVM5

Many thanks to Pol Roger for their support!

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CURTC visit Radley in the Brodie Cup…

…again with, unfortunately, similar results. While we wait for the Match report here are some images highlighted by the victorious Neil Stutchbury.

CURTC vs Radley, 17/11/19

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CURTC Christmas Tournament

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the CURTC Christmas Tournament, would it!

So this year’s opportunity to work off some of that Christmas festive excess is on Friday, December 27th. A day of Singles and Doubles awaits!

The draw is limited to 24 players for this very popular tournament so please only book if you know you are available you can play in the morning or afternoon but please note you must be available for the finals, which start at 6pm. Ideally, please be flexible by selecting all three options when you sign up on the doodle poll.

The cost is £16 pp.

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The Cambridge University RTC Student Cup

The University Student Cup is a showcase of student tennis at CURTC, and an introduction for many new student players to competitive play. Group matches will be held on Friday (November 22nd) and Saturday (23rd) across two divisions, played off handicaps. There is both a singles and doubles competition. Knock-out matches will be held on Sunday (24th), culminating in a championship match between the winners of each division. The knock-out matches on Sunday will be streamed on the CURTC YouTube channel.

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We(s)t Coast Weekend

Unprepared for the size of the Court and the continuous precipitation outside, 9 of CURTC’s finest were figuratively and physically soaked when visiting the other place on Saturday. Attempts to keep our heads above the rapidly rising waters were largely unsuccessful in a 5-2 drenching which could actually have been more even worse as both CURTC’s victories came via 7-all 40-all. Names are being withheld as they have suffered enough. Nonetheless there were no signs of dampened spirits as those staying in Oxford overnight found various locations to shelter from the continuing downpour.
‘Under the weather’ seemed an apt description of some of the party who moved on to Bristol for a marginally less unsuccessful day on Court. At least we made it to the last match with a chance but it was not to be as the Home team triumphed 3-2. A notable feature, perhaps due to the previous day’s inclement conditions was a, to remain nameless, player who contrived to loose 11 successive gains having been 3-0 up in the first set. A brief attempt to bring back the Lazarus trophy fell woefully short as this still nameless player watched, calmly it must be said, as the ball bounced into the Dedans when defending a 1/2 yard chase to put the icing on a 3-6, 2-6 silver medal performance.

Many thanks to our hosts, especially Jeremy I-S and Craig Greenhalgh at Oxford and Ben Coleman (Bristol) for their hospitality and tireless marking during a most enjoyable weekend away.

And for a couple of really short videos click on Read More

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Cambridge vs Newmarket in the East Anglia Pennant

EAP Newmarket 2019Many congratulations on yesterday’s win over Newmarket. It was a close contest and very well-fought victory over a strong Newmarket side.
First up on the night was Julian who played well to win 6-3. In a slightly unusual order, up next was Julian and Alan in the first doubles, who struggled against the high quality Newmarket duo of Hugo and Ken, eventually losing 3-8. Alan then played his singles in a nail biter, narrowly losing 5-6. At this point Cambridge were 1-2 down and needed to up their game; up stepped Sonja who battled to win her singles 6-4. Sonja and Richard played extremely well to win their doubles 8-4. This left the overall score at 3-2, with only Richard’s singles remaining. Richard settled any Cambridge nerves by winning his singles 6-1 in quick time.

This concluded the matches for the evening with Cambridge winning 4-2. The Newmarket team were all very friendly and the matches were played in a good spirit, which resulted in an enjoyable evening of tennis for both clubs.

Thank you all for sorting out the food and arriving on time.
Well done again!

Andrew Barker

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British Ladies Handicap Singles & Doubles Divs 1&2

Congratulations to CURTC’s Jacqui Siu who won the Div 2 Doubles!!

Centre: Megan Hawkey & Jacqui Siu, LRTA Handicap Doubles Div 2 winners @Prested 10/11/19

Linda made notes so might have a report (hint, hint)… Full Results

Photo credits: Vix Harvey

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Inter-Club Tournament

Inter-Club Tournament

Cambridge was in action in Warwickshire over the weekend at the National Inter-Club Tournament. Ben Geytenbeek played in the singles draw, with David Pimblett and Christie Marrian in the doubles. After arriving in Leamington, the first matches were against a team called T&RA 2, which turned out to be locals to Warwickshire. Ben raced to a fast start against the left-handed James Richardson, who brought it back level with some quick-fire aces. Ben then regained his composure and finished it off 6/4. David and Christie then outclassed Bill and Gerry Slora 6/2, using all parts of the court to keep the ball away from their opponents. Shortly after, Ben was on again against Martin Trees (Moreton Morrell 2), winning 6/2 with very consistent play. David and Chrisite finished off the afternoon session 6/3 over Sir Andrew Hamilton and Mark Leefe (MCC) 6/3.

It was then off to Moreton Morrell for the evening matches. A late running schedule meant a long evening waiting for matches. The singles was a large handicap difference match between Ben and Freddie Freeman (MCC) who played Varisty Seconds for Oxford back in February. It was clear that both players had improved a lot, but Ben ultimately couldn’t find enough winning shots and had a bit of unfortunate luck and lost 4/6. Christie and David then narrowly lost to Terence Drane and Bruce Paxton (Moreton Morrell 2). It was a match that swung wildly both ways going to a tight deciding game, but ultimately going down 5/6. Cambridge qualified through to the quarter finals in both singles and doubles, after much explaining (in vain) of the scoring system and a coin toss to decide the final qualifiers.

However, the following morning beckoned a slow start for the Cambridge teams. In the doubles, both players seemed to find the net often than not, and lost the first five games in a row to Radley’s Nick Gordon and Tim Roberts. Though they eventually scrounged a game, they were knocked out 1/6. Ben didn’t do much better, another slow start and by the time he was firing, Jeremy Hawkins (T&RA) managed a few incredibly bizarre strokes to win the match 2/6. Nonetheless, it was a fun tournament and many thanks to Leamington and Moreton Morrell for hosting and their excellent food!

Ben Geytenbeek

ps Cambridge’s QF vanquishers went on the win the Singles and Doubles Finals…

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Cambridge Ladies vs Hatfield

Bella Harvey vs Jill Akers rec 15 – owe 15
13 year old Bella opened the fixture with a convincing win against the Hatfield match manager. Her calm forehands and solid volleys into the tambour left little room for a comeback by the home team. 6-2, 6-2

Jacqueline Siu vs Ros Emerys Roberts love – owe ½ 15
Jacqueline Siu followed suit winning some really lovely rests. Ros looked like she was making a comeback in the second set, but Jacqui didn’t give her much window of opportunity, and with a wonderful backhand under the second gallery, brought the match to a close 6-1, 6-4.

India Blaksley vs Sue Clegg love – owe ½ 15
Captain India was up next, with the first three setter of the day. The first ended in a nail biting 5 all 40 all, with game point being won by Hatfield’s Sue Clegg. India soon familiarised herself with the court, and (although the reporter went for lunch in the second set), won the second, and breezed through the 3rd: 5-6, 6-4, 6-1.

Sophia Lewis vs Sarah Sullivan owe ½ 15 – love
Sophia should have dominated the rallies in this match, with quick feet and a deadly backhand; however, Sarah found the corners frequently enough to thwart Sophia’s progress, leaving another nail biting 5 all 40 all moment in the first. An ace from Sarah stole the set. Sophia started the second a little shaky, losing the first game; however, at 3 all she suddenly picked up the pace and fought hard to close down the second set. The shortened third set ran neck and neck to 5 all 40 all yet again. At 30-40 down Sophia served two great sidewall serves to take the match to 5-6, 6-3, 6-5.

Cameron Roker and India Blaksley vs Sarah Sullivan and Ros Emerys Roberts love – owe ½ 15
(Not so) Fresh from such narrow defeat against Sophia, and an overwhelmingly unsuccessful singles campaign, our hosts showed no mercy in the doubles. The experienced Hatfield pair dominated play and won the final match 1-6, 1-6.

A great day was had by all, with an excellent lunch, a warm dedans and some very exciting play.

Vix Harvey

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CURTC visit Hatfield House in the East Anglia Pennant

Yesterday’s visit to Hatfield House Tennis Club was very successful! We can agree that they were a very hospitable and friendly team, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

First up was Andrew Barker who won 6-0 with the benefit of a generous handicap. Next up was Sonja Badenhorst who also convincingly won. We then had Alan Sharpe playing who narrowly suffered the only defeat of the evening. Finally, Richard Jones came out on top in a thrilling contest; gaining a third win for the Club out of 4 matches.

Just when we thought that the evening could not get any better, our double games commenced with Alan and Andrew winning 8-4 comfortably. Sonja and Richard matched this result 8-4.

Well done again!

Andrew Barker, Captain for the night

Photo credits Alan Sharpe

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Green Court

Some more shots of the volunteers involved in the Green Court transformation. Apologies to Simon (especially), John R, Val, Louise, Vix and Bella who evaded the camera’s gaze…

Green Court Heroes

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Green Still Green

The CURTC interior design team turned its attention to the Green Court over the Bank holiday and I’m sure that everyone will be pleased to know that the Green Court is still very much Green. In addition, the Penthouse planks now have ~700 more fasteners holding them in place, and the Penthouse, Galleries, Bandeau, Net Post, Grille and Chase lines have been refreshed.

After: The first game on the new Green Court

And During:

Special thanks to Kees and Simon who drove the whole process and the numerous volunteers who gave up their time.

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The Wanderers…

…are a touring team from Down-Under and based in Ballarat (marker Kees’ alma-mater) but with representation from all-over Oz. They have returned to the UK this year to take in the East having swept through the West in 2016.

The Wanderers wandered in to the Home of Real Tennis last Saturday for a splendid afternoon of Tennis and trying to avoid (in my case) watching the drama unfolding at Headingley. “Don’t mention the cricket” was my pained request as we got underway at 1pm. for 6 Singles at 4 Doubles. The early going went in CURTC’s favour but helped by ‘Wanderer for the Day’ Ben from Adelaide, our visitors clawed back through a back and forth 8-7 win in the 2nd Doubles after we had finally got our nose in front to lead 7-6…
The denouement proved to be the final Doubles on the candy striped ‘Green’ Court with the match score tied at 4-all. The Wanderers took an early lead as the Cambridge pair refined their calling technique after a couple of shots fell uncontested down the middle of the Court. One point saw both pairs impressively switch positions mid rally and the marker very nearly lose it. Again the Cambridge pair (TK and Fiona Brown) led for the first time at 7-6 before Ben & Cora Trevarthen cranked it up a notch to take the set and our give our visitors a 5-4 win. Matters on Court concluded it was time to return to the Clubroom to thank Kees and hope that there was some Rosé left (there was) and the cricket was still not being talked about (the sound had been muted so I guess that was good enough)

And then Sunday dawned, but I did promise not to mention the cricket…

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Red, Green & Blue

When you next go to the club be prepared for a bit of surprise. (Assuming that Grange Road has reopened following the visit of a monstrous crane today.) The Car Park has lost its Green and the Blue Court is no longer as Red. On Saturday there was no Time for Questions as the CURTC Gardeners arrived with an astonishing assortment of hi- (and lo-) tech hoes, rakes, spades and forks. Within an hour or so the Green bins were full and Mark Hobbs was trying (once again) to get me to hit the ball over the Green Court net at least twice… Meanwhile the Blue Court continued its transformation into a hessian-free, brightly-painted and not-so-Red Court at the Home of Real Tennis. Everything is on track and the Court should be back to doing what it does best on Monday evening.

Many thanks to all who helped out, you can spot most of them* in the pictures below (click for larger versions).

Blue Court, 10/8/19

Terry and Other Gardeners…

*missing are Photographer & Painter Kees, President & Painter Vix and Sustenance Provider Louise

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