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A Trip ‘oop North

Posted on September 28, 2015 | in Match Report, NewsTicker | by

It was sometime ago (April 12th, actually) but it was a lot of fun. Manchester Tennis and Rackets Club is worth a detour by any stretch of the imagination. Led by fearless (and invisible as it turned out) leader Jimmy, we set off by separate routes and modes of transport to MRTC in Salford which is now home to an internationally famous (apparently) broadcasting operation. However, it was not in evidence as we snuck into town over the Pennines on the morning of Sunday, April 12th. In fact our snucking was so effectively clandestine that it took us sometime to actually gain entry to the Club.

Once you do manage to gain entry, you do realise that this is unlike any other Real Tennis Club. Once you are given even the shortest of tours, you realise that it is probably like no other institution anywhere. It has (what looked to me) a wonderfully dilapidated Rackets Court (apparently the all look like this) in which my opponent tried to show me how to play or rather how to make contact with the marble sized object that passes for a ball in the sport. There is also a Bowling Alley, a wonderful Club Room, Bar and Dining Room (more later) and of course a rather splendid Real Tennis Court. They also have their own Chef and Sommelier….

The Tennis started with the non-appearance of our fearless leader who had crocked himself but this did at least free up time for lunch which seemed a big relief to our generous Host. So after the first couple of games CURTC found themselves at 1-1 and my most generous opponent was opening a bottle of MRTC Champagne (picture below). What a great idea I thought. However, it was also time for lunch which apparently meant everything had to stop as the Chef was keen to watch the local derby (apparently Manchester have two football teams) later on in the afternoon. As lunch progressed I became more and more grateful that our invisible fearless leader had allocated me the dawn (1oam) slot. Playing after that lot would not have done wonders for my digestion (or worse).

Definitely more relaxed, I enjoyed some entertaining Tennis as Kate was undone by a rather well coached teenager but husband Guy prevailed against our generous lunch enjoying Host. But I can’t for the life of me remember how Nick got on in the decider. Oh well….


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