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Champagne Leagues Finals

Posted on September 18, 2023 | in Match Report, NewsTicker | by

Division 1 saw Charles Harcourt giving up three points to someone whose face looks familiar but the name escapes me. The familiar face needed a quick start and, in spite of an effort at self-handicapping, succeeded and was quickly 2-0 to the good. Unfortunately the good didn’t last and Charles’ unerring accuracy didn’t err enough to give his opponent much of a chance. And so Charles reversed the score line to lead 5-2. Mr Mo(memtum) had one more laugh as the familiar one with either a touch of desperation or more purpose (your choice) smashed, framed and stroked his way to levelling the score at 5-all. But Mr Mo had had enough and the unerring accuracy stopped erring and Charles took the next 3 games.

Division 2 saw a resurgent John Bailey take on the ever improving Liam Guyton. There was a collective groan from the admittedly Bailey biased Dedans as John completely missed his first shot as the ball came down from an admittedly great height and fell for chase 2. It was quickly 1-0 to Liam and the Dedans were preparing for an early getaway. Maybe 1-0 is not exactly Lazarus territory but John grabbed Mr Mo by the scruff of the neck and traded games to 4-all. The Dedans were treated to some notable rallies and some frankly remarkable footwork from both players but, given recent history, John’s was surely the more remarkable. And suddenly JB had served himself to a 40-owe 15 lead in the crucial 9th* game. But after giving up a chase due to some frankly unremarkable footwork, Mr Mo decided he would stay down the server’s end and Liam closed out the contest.

Congratulations to our worthy winners and here are some more pictures of the bottles from sponsor Pol Roger seen in the post below.

CL Div 1 winner: Charles Harcourt

CL Div 2 winner: Liam Guyton

Photo credits, Kate Kirk

*Whereas the 7th game is normally seen as the crucial game in a set, this time it wasn’t…


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