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CURTC vs Jesters, 7/11/15

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Some photos (and a couple of video clips) from the Doubles in the CURTC vs Jesters Club match. But first, what is/are a Jester(s), you might ask? Well it turns out they

    a) ‘were founded in England in 1929 by a schoolboy, Jock Burnett, ‘ to encourage the playing of racquet sports… and now play squash, tennis, real tennis, fives (3 types*) and racquets’
    b) and in the UK at least, don’t have a website.

In spite of b) they are thriving and do a lot to promote their games, especially to Juniors. In any case, some of their seniors, some of whom looked quite familiar, were in town for a multi sport weekend which led me to learn that the new Eton Fives Court in the West Cambridge Sports Center is on the 1st floor. Following a last minute change of shirt, I ended up playing against the Jesters in contrast to the situation some 36 hrs previously. My opponent (the Eton Fives player) was somewhat unused to the bounce of the Green Court (he plays a lot at Lord’s) and once I managed to get the ball to bounce on something before he hit it, my fortunes improved considerably.

Over on Blue, things just ended up the Jester way, as the head Jester John Burnett & Alex Clarke edged the third set 6-4 over the head CURTC’er George Pearson & Mark Perriton combo (the Pe?r’s). Back on Green, the Jesters in the person of Gareth & Oli Quarry (gotta be a pun in there somewhere) were too strong for Hugh Markus & Ross Smythe so CURTC in the persons of Jules Camp & Alex Evans needed to overcome Duncan Colqhoun & Andrew Page. Sweating was by now quite a problem, so this match switched to the less sweaty Green Court and highly entertaining it proved to be as Jules & Alex won in two sets to give a 2-2 match result.

Some photos follow but first, my first foray into RT video clips, the Pe?r’s are serving….

*Eton, Rugby and Winchester
Gallery featuring Alex Evans and Jules ‘the beard’ Camp (CURTC) and Duncan Colqhoun and Andrew Page (Jesters)

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