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Finals Day Wrap-up

Posted on March 19, 2018 | in Match Report, NewsTicker, Tournament | by

TK's psychiatrist, Camice Revier, and his motivational coach, Richard Jones,

TK’s psychiatrist, Camice Revier, and his motivational coach, Richard Jones, enthuse over the standard of play…

A great day of tennis at the Home of Real Tennis on Saturday. First up were Helena Tunks and Matthew Johnson in the inaugural 70+ Category Final. Both played well above the handicap category but Helena has improved more than Matthew since the tournament. On Green Kate Kirk was up against Tony Kennedy (aka TK) who had clearly come prepared (see photo). It was much closer than the score suggested as all the games I saw went to deuce. But TK won those critical points… The rapidly improving Jim Ludekens took on Robin Faux in the 50’s final. Jim took the first game and an upset looked to be on the cards but Robin turned it up a notch and made his experience count, particularly in a couple of close games at the start.
Up, up, up... and unreturnable

Up, up, up… and unreturnable

In the 40’s final, Will Boys-Stones took on Nigel Parslow who promptly defied their previous encounter (6-0, Will) by taking a 3-2 lead. Nige’s defense of the Dedans in the face of a relentless barrage was remarkable but gradually Will put a slow start behind him… The 30’s saw Andy Smith pull away from John Firth before John clearly thought it was time to pull out his high sidewall serve. He was spot on and was within a point or two of leveling the scores but Andy adjusted and pulled away for the win.
Spot the shoes...

Competition time: Spot the shoes…

‘Fresh’ (fresh???, Ed) from some previous night revelries, Jimmy Campbell refused to be put off by Charlie D’Oyly’s** tennis ball coloured shoes (see photo, the one… I think you should be able to work out which one). Jimmy, moving around the court as if he was still on the dance floor*, retrievied just about everything in a high class match.
velcro ball

The velcro ball trick…

In the midst of the Category tournament finals, Donald Fung and Hugh (I’ve got it right this time) Markus battled it out for the Graduate Cup. With all due respect to Hugh, Donald’s level of play was just that much higher. Hugh brought out the velcro ball (see photo) but Donald was only momentarily fazed and went on to become the first Chinese winner of any Cambridge real tennis tournament since 1875***.

Finals Day also saw the CURTC Ladies Championship with Vix Harvey and Venetia D’Arcy playing in a rare Cambridge final where both players have the first initial V. Venetia stormed through the first set while politely letting Vix win a couple of games after taking a 3-0 lead. The second set was closer as Vix’s relentless return of serve volleying put Venetia under pressure while at the other end Vix got her serve creeping along the floor and/or back wall. It was tied up at 4-all and we were looking at a third set. But Venetia had seen enough, ramped up the determination level to 11**** and now will have her name engraved on the coveted plate for a second time.

*OK, I admit I have never had the pleasure or otherwise of seeing JC on the dance floor so this comment is just semi-informed speculation
**Charlie, please note I have made no mention of the actual Cups (except for this one of course)
***Confirmed by extensive DF research. Thanks to TK for letting me know.
****If Spinal Tap doesn’t mean anything to you, ask a grand parent

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