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New East Anglian Pennant – 1st round WIN!

Posted on October 14, 2018 | in NewsTicker | by

The new East Anglian league got off to a great start last Thursday at Hatfield House, where we won 4-2. Richard Jones and Ben Geytenbeek both claimed victory over husband and wife team Sarah and Steve Sullivan in their respective singles matches as well as the doubles. Jim Ludekens (captain) won his singles. Julian was making a fierce comeback to level the score but time was called before he could finish. Jim and Julian started well in their doubles but had an ‘iffy’ patch which allowed their opponents to close the gap and come out on top. The dinner was delicious – bangers and mash and an excellent apple pie. After a great evening, Cambridge left as the winners, looking forward to the next round.

Jim Ludekens

For the results…

Hatfield v Cambridge
The East Anglian Pennant

55-65 Sarah Sullivan (59.5) v Richard Jones (60.5)
Owe ¼ 15 Love 5/6

55-65 Steve Sullivan (55.5) v Ben Geytenbeek (56.9)
Owe ¼ 15 Love 2/6

45-55 Roger Trigell (44.4) v Jim Ludekens (45.5)
Owe ¼ 15 Love 2/6

35-45 Don Fahrenheim (40.9) v Julian Stafford (35.7)
Rec ½ 15 Owe ½ 15 5/4

Sarah Sullivan & Steve Sullivan (57.5) v Richard Jones & Ben Geytenbeek(59.5)
Love Love 4/6

Roger Trigell & Don Fahrenheim (45.2) v Jim Ludekens & Julian Stafford (36.9)
Rec ½ 15 Owe 15 6/4

• Hatfield’s singles handicaps adjusted for home court advantage by 2 points


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