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post ‘Racketathon’ Update

Posted on May 3, 2017 | in NewsTicker | by

Neil Stutchbury (off-court)

I thought you would all like to know that I successfully completed the London marathon on 23 April, for which so many of you sponsored me. You will recall that fun day back in January when I organised a “racketathon” and played many of you over a six hour period. Thank you very much to all of you who sponsored me.
The marathon itself was a fantastic experience with thousands of people lining the whole route, shouting and screaming everyone’s names as they ran past. I’ll never forget the moment when I turned the corner onto Tower Bridge with the towers gleaming in the sunlight, a sea of runners bobbing in front of me and a cacophony of noise surrounding me. The first half was OK, but the miles thereafter seemed to tick by ever so slowly. The final five miles were really tough, but I kept up my pace despite having to swerve round those walking, throwing up or collapsing in front of me! In the end I was the 13,187th to cross the line (out of c.40,000) and just managed to squeeze under four hours (3:59:19), which I was well-pleased with, especially after such an interrupted training period in the weeks before.

Thanks again to everyone who sponsored me. If you haven’t and still want to sponsor me, the site will be open until 23 May – check out my Just Giving site:


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