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Road Trips 1: Moreton Morrell

Posted on February 26, 2018 | in Match Report, Membership, NewsTicker | by

CURTC have been on the Road while the Category Tournaments have been occupying weekend Courts. On Feb 11th, it was off to Moreton Morrell, a Court I had not previously visited. With exemplary courtesy, the early shift of Kirks allowed our hosts to take a 2-0 lead as they lost by identical scores in 3 sets. But then the wind shifted (or maybe it was the ‘bonnes odeurs’ from the kitchen) and Paul Brown got CURTC back on track without recourse to a third set and importantly, back on time so lunch could proceed. With remarkable restraint Ben Geytenbeek & Joe Zygmunt didn’t overdo things at the Table and levelled the match score on the Court.

CURTC @MMTCC, 11/2/18

Lunch clearly invigorated the Hip & Knees duo who romped (well maybe romped is a bit of an exaggeration) through the first set without losing a game. Normality was quickly restored as our opponents Keith Beechener (remember him?) & Tim Messer eased to a 5-2 lead before another of those change in directions in the local airflow. And so at 5- and 40- all, a despairing lunge from yours truly failed to reach a 2nd bounce at the 6 yard line giving us the game, set, etc on a 5 & 6 yard chase…. A more coherent view of the proceedings can be found here

Many thanks to Moreton, especially Nick Jury for marking, Tom Granville for organisation and whoever was working so diligently in the kitchen!


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