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The Brooke Report: From Across the Pond

Posted on March 19, 2024 | in Membership | by

Lee University, Tennessee

Hello again, Brooke here reporting on the club’s invasion on Wednesday, March 4th. by twenty students from Lee University, Tennessee. For some years now Dr Louis Morgan has led this mini-invasion as they use Cambridge as a base for what is for many of them their first time in Europe. The trip’s a mix of study and tourism as they take in London, Paris, Edinburgh, Dublin et al and over that time Dr Morgan has become a great friend of Cambridge and Grantchester in particular. Indeed, events in the village are often arranged around his availability, the King’s coronation, the Reviers’ wedding and more. It’s not an event unless ‘Louie’ is there.

I suggested they might like to have a look at our game so, having spent the morning in The Parker Library at Corpus, Mrs Revier’s college, overdosing on history, they arrived at our club. The Reviers gave them an introduction to the game and the assorted versions of its origins before I divided them into two groups and shepherded them onto the courts where they were coached by Kees, Bella Harvey and the Reviers. They were touchingly supportive of each other as they laughed their way through the next hour and a half and learning it wasn’t such an easy game after all.



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