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T&RA ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Award: The Maltby Salver

Posted on May 8, 2023 | in Event, Membership | by

Congratulations Ben. Well deserved!

ps Ben was also nominated for the new T&RA Member’s Choice award. His nomination:

“Singlehandedly (with perhaps a little help from Jacqui!), Ben has transformed the streaming of Real Tennis at not one but multiple courts across the country. ‘Ben’s Den’ is now a feature at major tournaments allowing top quality real tennis to be enjoyed on your in the comfort of own home/work place. Multiple cameras, integrated scoring, audio, amazing in game statistics all appear seamlessly on your screen.

Furthermore, Ben has generously shared his knowledge and time to assist individual Clubs and the T&RA in setting up their own systems.

Thank you Ben for all the video streaming you have done for us and the clubs! It has also improved sponsor visibility and has the potential to draw in a new audience for the game.”


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