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Varsity Match live stream

You can watch the Varsity match live stream from Lords here:

Click on link if video player doesn’t appear…

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Varsity Match Update

Not going Cambridge’s way in the Ladies Varsity but our team are at a serious handicap disadvantage. Kudos to Helena & Alexandra who grab a set in the 2nd Doubles!

1-All in the Men’s after the Doubles. Well played Matt & Will who take the second Doubles in 3 sets! 1st Doubles goes to the other place, 6-4 in the 5th….

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20’s and 30’s complete the Finals Day Line-up

20's & 30's

JC & CD’O through but MP’s off skiing

Andy Smith & John Firth will be competing for a place on The Honours Board after a closely fought 30’s Category Tournament. Meanwhile Jimmy Campbell will no doubt be equally confident in his rematch with Charlie D’Oyly in the 20’s final having edged that crucial ’15th’ game. All the Category Finals plus the Graduate Cup, CURTC ladies Championship and the two CURTC Junior Championships will all take place on the Hannay-Robertson Financial Planning sponsored Finals Day, Saturday, March 17th. Please come along and support if you can! It will all start at 9:30am.

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Road Trips 2: Hardwick House


After Moreton Morrell, Hardwick House of Toad of Toad Hall fame was our destination. An early (and brisk) start was at least rewarded with a gloriously sunny lull before the arrival of the Beast from the East.
Again, CURTC showed exemplary courtesy in graciously allowing our hosts a 2-0 lead after the first two matches. Not only were these matches lost, they were lost so rapidly that an extra set was possible within each time slot. Certainly things had warmed up by this point in the Dedans and our third paring of John Bailey & Andrew Snodgrass didn’t hang around and returned the favour of an extra set having won the first. Nonetheless I thought it wise to try to negotiate a ‘Plate’ competition for these second sets where we were being rather more successful.

However, the tide had turned and the match score was evened up in convincing fashion by Ben Geytenbeek & Dave Isherwood who got us well ahead of schedule with a 8-0 victory while, I’m sure they would be the first to admit, being the beneficiaries of a correct but generous handicap.

At this point we returned to the court but in different pairings for the second half and CURTC was frankly unrecognisable from the first two matches. The only loss was a close 8-7 (after holding a 7-6 lead) but the rest of the matches went convincingly our way. Lunch was a splendid affair, with a blazing fire and tennis to add to the ambience. The final scores are below followed by a summary collage of action on the Court.

Hardwick 3 – 5 CURTC

CURTC @HHTC, 25/2/18

Many thanks to our generous hosts and we look forward to welcoming them back to the Home of Real Tennis next year. And finally a google photos gallery with the above photos and more.

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Road Trips 1: Moreton Morrell

CURTC have been on the Road while the Category Tournaments have been occupying weekend Courts. On Feb 11th, it was off to Moreton Morrell, a Court I had not previously visited. With exemplary courtesy, the early shift of Kirks allowed our hosts to take a 2-0 lead as they lost by identical scores in 3 sets. But then the wind shifted (or maybe it was the ‘bonnes odeurs’ from the kitchen) and Paul Brown got CURTC back on track without recourse to a third set and importantly, back on time so lunch could proceed. With remarkable restraint Ben Geytenbeek & Joe Zygmunt didn’t overdo things at the Table and levelled the match score on the Court.

CURTC @MMTCC, 11/2/18

Lunch clearly invigorated the Hip & Knees duo who romped (well maybe romped is a bit of an exaggeration) through the first set without losing a game. Normality was quickly restored as our opponents Keith Beechener (remember him?) & Tim Messer eased to a 5-2 lead before another of those change in directions in the local airflow. And so at 5- and 40- all, a despairing lunge from yours truly failed to reach a 2nd bounce at the 6 yard line giving us the game, set, etc on a 5 & 6 yard chase…. A more coherent view of the proceedings can be found here

Many thanks to Moreton, especially Nick Jury for marking, Tom Granville for organisation and whoever was working so diligently in the kitchen!

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50’s & 40’s Category Tournament Finalists

Congratulations to Robin Faux and Jim Ludekens who will face each other in the 50’s category Final at 10:20am (tbc) on Finals Day, sponsored by Hannay Roberston Financial Planning, Saturday March 17th. They played a tight match on Saturday but this could be even closer in the Final!

50's 2018

How Robin and Jim made it to Finals day

Congratulations also to Will Boys-Stones and Nigel Parslow who will be contesting the 40’s category Final, also at 10:20am (but on the other Court…)
40's 2018

It’s Will vs Nigel in the Final

Please plan to come along on Finals Day to lend your support! It starts at 9:30am.
ps Click on the images and you will actually be able to read them….

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60’s Category Tournament Finalists are…

…Kate Kirk and Tony ‘walk-in’ Kennedy. They will join the other finalists on Finals Day sponsored by Hannay-Robertson Financial Planning, Saturday March 17th. Congratulations to them both and the other participants!
Next up, 50’s and 40’s next weekend, followed by 30’s and 20’s… Sign-up HERE

60's Category results

KK and TK make it to Finals Day

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CURTC February 2018 Newsletter…

… featuring a very youthful looking someone who looks kind of familiar, can be found by clicking HERE

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Trois Tripots 2014 Video

Now in magnificent colour! and with sound!
The historic victory of the CURTC team at Bayonne September 2014
from CURTC’s ace video-man, David Hope, who is leading a foray later this year to regain the coveted trophy!

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IRPTA National League Div 1, Thursday Feb 1st

Radley visit Cambridge for 1st Division National League on Thursday 1st February. Cambridge currently top the table with Radley in a close second, so this promises to be an exciting match with a lot at stake.

First up, at 6pm, Craig Greehalgh (assistant professional at the other place) takes on Alex Evans. Following this will be Robert Shenkman vs Ed Kay, two of the highest ranked amateur players in the country. Robert is in great form having recently won the world under 24 title and will look to end Ed’s 5 year unbeaten singles streak at the home of real tennis. After the two singles matches there will be a doubles.

Please come down and support the Cambridge team as they try and cement their place at the top of the table.

Some great tennis last night. Click on the links below for a recap!

Alex vs Craig START
Ed vs Rob START
Doubles START

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Pol Roger & Brodie Squads in Semi action

Cambridge welcome RTC to the Home of Real Tennis on Sunday in the semi-final of the Pol Roger Trophy. There are some familiar names on the RTC squad so they will not be at much of a disadvantage playing away from home. Please come along and support if you can. There is bound to be some exciting tennis…
Meanwhile Captain ‘Guy’ Kirk’s Brodie team are off to Radley in their Semi. Its is going to be a tough one but who knows.. The squad has already has shown it can win away from the Home of Real Tennis! If you are anywhere near Radley on Sunday, any support would be much appreciated!

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And finally… part 4

I promise you this is the last… Friday of the DofE Tennis Challenge was Seniors day and featured three matches with a brave HRH. In the second match with Anthony Dean partnering HRH against Vix Harvey and Morten Landrock, the banter level hit 11 although Anthony seemed to be living on borrowed time. Not so long ago, that amount of poaching from Royalty would have earned an extended stay in the Tower (or worse).

DofE Seniors

DofE Seniors, click on image for larger

Click for the Google Photos Gallery of the individual photos

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Congratulations to the Graduate Cup Finalists…

Graduate Cup 2018 KO Rounds…Donald Fung and Hugh Markus who made it through the Group and KO Rounds to play for the 2018 Graduate Cup on Finals Day Saturday, March 17th, sponsored by Hannay-Robertson Financial Planning.
Donald and Hugh join the 70’s Category Tournament finalists (Helena Tunks and Matthew Johnson) and the 60’s, 50’s, 40’s, 30’s and 20’s finalists to be decided next month. It’s not to late to sign-up! Finals Day will also feature the CURTC Ladies Championship, so a great day of tennis on March 17th awaits…

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Behind the Scenes, part 3

By any account, the Juniors session at the DofE Tennis Challenge at CURTC was pretty special. There are loads of photos of these sessions already out there and there are more to come. But here are a few more taken from behind the galleries….

DofE Juniors

DofE Juniors, click on image for larger..

…plus a link to a Google Photos Gallery of the individual photos which let you see some of the detail!

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Behind the Scenes, part 2

Of course, the DofE tennis challenge at Cambridge couldn’t have taken place without a large crew of volunteers. With apologies to those I missed, here are a few pictures in a Google Photos Gallery of everyone hard at work (but having fun, I hope!) along with the collage…

DofE Crew, click on image for larger..

DofE Crew, click on image for larger..

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