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Peter Luck-Hille Cup Semi Final

Cambridge hosted the Oratory School in the Semi Final of the Peter Luck-Hille cup. Cambridge won 4 matches to 2 and progress to the final at Wellington School!
Cambridge players in front of the grille, from left to right: Leandros Georgoulis, Riya Bharwad & William Buttrey.
In his speech, the Cambridge first string, Leandros Georgoulis, congratulated the Oratory players on their performance and their sportsmanship. He also acknowledged the support received from Felicity Riddall-Bell who has assisted Kees in preparing the team for their matches
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Taster Session

Fresh from a successful row up the Thames in this year’s Boat Race, Kenny Coplan dropped in to CURTC for a taster session with Peter!

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Junior/Senior 80+ Tournament

In preparation for the next round of the Peter Luck-Hille Cup, some noble Seniors took to the court to give CURTC’s team some match practice. Leandros Georgoulis won the tournament (and the Lindt chocolate!) overcoming William Buttrey in the final. Congratulations to the Seniors and Juniors for so many 5-all 40-all matches!

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The Brooke Report: From Across the Pond

Lee University, Tennessee

Hello again, Brooke here reporting on the club’s invasion on Wednesday, March 4th. by twenty students from Lee University, Tennessee. For some years now Dr Louis Morgan has led this mini-invasion as they use Cambridge as a base for what is for many of them their first time in Europe. The trip’s a mix of study and tourism as they take in London, Paris, Edinburgh, Dublin et al and over that time Dr Morgan has become a great friend of Cambridge and Grantchester in particular. Indeed, events in the village are often arranged around his availability, the King’s coronation, the Reviers’ wedding and more. It’s not an event unless ‘Louie’ is there.

I suggested they might like to have a look at our game so, having spent the morning in The Parker Library at Corpus, Mrs Revier’s college, overdosing on history, they arrived at our club. The Reviers gave them an introduction to the game and the assorted versions of its origins before I divided them into two groups and shepherded them onto the courts where they were coached by Kees, Bella Harvey and the Reviers. They were touchingly supportive of each other as they laughed their way through the next hour and a half and learning it wasn’t such an easy game after all.


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2024 Inter Unis Cup & Tournament

Congratulations to Newcastle 1 who edged the final of the Inter University Cup, 2-1 against Cambridge 1. In the Inter University Tournament, a gripping final was won by Joseph Sharpe who narrowly defeated Arianna Magnanini from MURTC, 6-4. Congratulations to all the players and thanks again to the sponsors, the Dedanists’ Foundation and Pol Roger along with the Tennis & Rackets Association and the CURTC Pros.

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The 2024 Inter Universities Cup and Tournament

MURTC are in the House (Err… Court?, Ed)

Seven Universities and over forty players are involved in this year’s Inter University Cup and Tournament. The first team to arrive (as in previous years) was Middlesex University RTC. And if past history repeats, they will be the most enthusiastic on and off court! All the best to those taking part and many thanks to the sponsors, the Dedanists’ Foundation and Pol Roger, along with the CURTC Pros without whom none of this would be possible.

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Cambridge Mixed Handicap Doubles, April 20th

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Varsity Match 1st/2nd March 2024


CURTC scores first with CURTC names (tired fingers…).

M1 (Arthur Adams) singles: 5/6, 1/6
W1 (Ulla/Stacey) doubles: 1/6, 4/6
M2 (Jin/Moritz) doubles: 4/6, 6/5, 2/6, 1/6
W2 (Ellie/Phoebe) doubles: 6/1, 6/1
M3 (Oliver Anderson-Shah) singles: 3/6, 0/6
W1 (Ulla Petti) singles: 6/0, 6/1
M1 (Arthur/Ollie) doubles: 2/6 0/6 1/6
W3 (Stacey Sandigurskaia) singles: 6/0, 6/3
M4 (Moritz Hirschhausen) singles: 6/2, 6/5
W2 (Ellie White) singles: 6/4, 6/3
M2 (Jin Lee) singles: 3/6, 2/6
W4 (Phoebe Fox) singles: 4/6, 6/1, 6/1

CU Women win 5/1, OU Men win 5/1

A Live Stream is available (1st two matches, Day 1), Last four matches of Day 1, Friday:  here

Day 2: Womens 1 and half of first set of Mens 3: LIVE Stream

Day 2 remaining matches: Live

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Varsity Seconds

Hannah Taylor, Lucy Caines, Phoebe Fox, Martha Rushbrooke

It was the turn of the other place to host the Seconds Varsity this year and Oxford gained the upper hand on day 1 by leading both Men and Ladies matches 2-1.

So Cambridge needed to win all 6 matches on day 2 to come away with the spoils. On paper at least (not that it means much in these contests) Cambridge had an edge in the Men’s contest but the Ladies were up against it on a very different court to ours in Cambridge…

And win every match they did!

Ben Craig

Ben & Moritz Hirschhausen

Cambridge Men and Ladies both win 4/2

To the Victors…

…Go the Spoils!

Photo Credits: Kees

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The Brooke Report on The Bristol Handicap Doubles and The CURTC 60+ Handicap

Hello again. It’s me, Brooke the dog, with a report of the Reviers trip to Bristol last weekend.
It’s a long way to go in the the boot of a Seat Ibiza but worth it if only because we did so much more than hang around the tennis club which, frankly, is just as well because they didn’t make the Sunday play-offs. The tournament was a complicated arrangement of doubled pairs, theirs was from the home club, with accumulated games seeing teams through to the Sunday’s finals. They played three one set to six matches at 1 and 5pm on the Friday and 8.30am on the Saturday. A 6/4, 3/6 and 4/6 mix had them in with a chance. With the rest of Saturday free, Mrs Revier had the two of them make the most of their journey. Two rounds of an all too muddy par 3 golf course was followed by an hour or more of them thirty feet up in the trees, Mr Revier clinging on desperately to harnesses, handholds and zip lines while questioning his life choices. Mrs Revier wasn’t listening. The evening had the three of us walk the two miles along the river back to the club and, given that Banksy is from Bristol, him expressing his disappointment at the quality of graffiti on offer. Worse, on arrival they found they’d not made the last day, their cause not being helped by a 0/6 suffered by their Bristol partners. The late on Sunday final was between the home club’s youngest pairings suggesting it’s not only Cambridge that struggles with pitching handicaps accurately for those new to the game.

The tennis was fun and the company good. It always is. I was spoiled rotten. It was, though, a long way to go for three sets but it had Mrs Revier tick off another club on her way to playing them all. She’s about two thirds of the way there.

Lunch in Bath on the way back and we were home by early evening.

That little tennis in Bristol was in stark contrast to the previous Sunday where Mr Revier won the 60 handicap as it took him fifty games over four hours of one day to do so. His cause wasn’t helped by Smuts Beyers and Chris Swales taking him to five all, forty all in the group stage. He overcame Felicity RB’s more elegant strokes in the final but was, he admitted later, conscious of the thin crowd cheering on his opponent. It was more than, he muttered, supporting the underdog. What was obvious at the day’s end, though, was how fortunate we are to have two courts and how much tennis can be crammed in over one day. Given the state of him the following morning, one day was enough.


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Cambridge University Real Tennis Club – Real Tennis Club Profiles

Many thanks to Ben Geytenbeek for putting this together!

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40 and 50 Category Tournaments

The 40’s did battle on Sunday and certainly came up with a photo to rival TK and Felicity RB from the 60’s. Ben managed to play over 93% of the maximum possible games in winning the round robin which might explain why Leo had the edge in the Final!

from left: Lionel, Ben, Ulla, Leo, Chris

Scores below

Final Leo defeated Ben 8/4
The 50’s playing on Saturday produced a winner in Ben Craig who progressed from the round robin groups along with Miles Hember, Ruhan du Plooy and Peter Morrison
Semis: Ben def Ruhan, 8/3, Miles def Peter 8/4
Final: Ben def Miles 8/5

Photos: Kees

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Peter Luck-Hille Cup

Congratulations to the CURTC PLH squad who emerged victorious from their trip to Queens last weekend by a score of 4-2From left above, George Baumann-Downie, Riya Bharwad, William Buttrey and Leandros Georgoulis
BTW, the Peter Luck-Hille Cup is an inter club junior competition run on a handicap basis aimed predominantly at youngsters of age 12-15 and handicaps between 60-90. The tournament is organised by and sponsored by the Dedaniststs’ Foundation as part of their programme to help clubs recruit more youngsters into the game of Real Tennis.

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1st Weekend of the 2024 CURTC Category Tournaments

Our first winners are:
Carlo Barriga who defeated Jack Zandi 6/3 in the 80+ Handicap Category (apologies, no picture)

Mihir Gupta who defeated Ian Glasscock 6/4 in the 70-79.9 Category

and TK who out battled Felicity Riddall Bell 6/4 in the 60 Category

Congratulations to all the Finalists!

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Cambridge University Real Tennis Club – Vacancy for Third Professional

Click HERE for details

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