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CURTC are recruiting new members this summer by offering free taster sessions and subsidised lessons, details HERE.

For people saying ‘I have always meant to have a go but never got round it’ – now is their chance.

There will be a prize draw for a bottle of Pol Roger. Members will be entered who have introduced at least one new player to the game i.e. they have attended a taster session or taken up an introductory course between today and 31 August 2021.

Nick Heath, CURTC Membership Secretary

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Club Matches 21/22 Season

For next season, signing-up for Club matches will be available through the new and ever improving CURTC Booking System. You’ll see the next few Tournaments and Matches on your Home page and the full calendar by clicking the Tournaments tab on the top banner!

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Good to Go!

from the T&RA

Real Tennis singles and doubles may commence from Monday 17th May; doubles should be prepared to adhere to social distancing measures between partners from different households.

The good news is that both singles and doubles Tennis will be permitted. At present you should assume there will be continued restrictions on social distancing which may restrict players to social doubles only; however, the T&RA is seeking further clarity before the 17th, hopefully in the next few days!

Please also pay close attention to good ventilation to the court and inside the club in general. Also please ensure your risk assessments are updated in line with emerging changes to HMG strategy.

Chris Davies, Chief Executive Officer, The Tennis & Rackets Association Limited

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CURTC Category Tournaments

CURTC’s traditional Category Tournaments are scheduled for the weekends of June 5/6 and 12/13 along with an 80+ tournament to kick things off on Friday, June 4th. This is all being set-up by Ben’s amazing new tournaments feature on the CURTC Booking System. Click on the links below to see the results.
Congratulations to finalists Marcus & Catherine (80+), Bella & Rob (70), TK & William (60), Vix & Alan (50), Andrew & Charlie (40), Andy & Stephen (30), Charlie & Marco (20)!

  1. 80+, Results
  2. 70, Results
  3. 60, Results
  4. 50, Results
  5. 40, Results
  6. 30, Results
  7. 20, Results

Finals Day, (tbc), Saturday, June 26th

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Next Step: May 17th

In anticipation of good news, we have opened the booking system for members to play singles and doubles play from 17 May. If we don’t get the go ahead, we will cancel bookings and you will not be charged.

All other covid-secure measures remain in place:

  • 45 min courts to allow for ventilation between players
  • no changing facilities
  • dedans closed unless otherwise advised
  • no social spaces open
  • masks to be worn on entry to the building (but not during play)
  • hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and on both courts
  • PPE available for first aid

I am hopeful that some of these rules may change soon but would very much appreciate your compliance for the time being.

Thank you all again for your support and patience during this challenging year. Christie, Ben and the Pros are working hard to set up as many of our usual tournaments as possible, so there will be plenty of opportunities to play. The longest ever running Tayabali and White singles league may well reach its climax in the next few weeks and we might need to start another (!); we are hoping for an epic Finals Day, sponsored by our dear friend Duncan Hannay Robertson, so I am anticipating an excellent turnout for the category tournaments; and fingers crossed that Varsity and the seconds match will take place for the students in early July.

There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel – see you on court!


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Fingers Crossed, April 12th…

will be the grand re-opening of the Door and other galleries at CURTC! Latest from Vix

The T&RA states that we can only open for one-to-one coaching, solo practice or household singles/ doubles. Kees will be running junior and student coaching sessions. The CURTC Booking System is open for bookings.

Stay safe.

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Palace, Anyone?

In the spirit of eternal optimism, a visit to Hampton Court has been arranged for August 22nd later this year. A chance, hopefully, to see Scott at his new gig! Please sign-up HERE

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Painting by Numbers…

… or rather ‘Painting CURTC Chase Numbers’ (and Letters). Update! Alan has moved on to the Green Court… See below
Many thanks to CURTC member Alan Sharpe for his amazing work. All I can say is that his hand (and patience) is a lot steadier than mine!

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Farewell DHR

Farewell DHR

Duncan Hannay-Robertson @CURTC

Some terribly sad news: Duncan Hannay Robertson passed away recently. Duncan was a much loved figure at the Club: his love of the game was infectious and he was a great person to play and to partner. Not only did he play as often as he could, but he also gave freely to the Club – his time, his energy and his enthusiasm alongside significant financial contributions to many of our initiatives – not least the Club’s annual highlight, Finals Day, which Hannay Robertson Financial Planning have sponsored for the last 5 years. He would spend the whole day at the Club, handing out prizes, encouraging competitors and keeping spirits high.

We are putting our heads together to figure out the best way for the Club to remember Duncan and will have more news soon.

We will miss Duncan – he was one of the good guys.

Vix, CURTC President

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Tier 4 for Cambs

Cambridge & Cambridgeshire will move to Tier 4 on December 26th. Unfortunately this means the Club will need to close again.
We will reopen again as soon as we are allowed – I am very sorry for this; you have all been incredibly supportive, and I am grateful!
I wish you the best possible Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you sometime in the New Year – as soon as possible.
Vix, CURTC President
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Return to Play

Dear Members,

We re-opened on Wednesday 2 December. However, Cambridgeshire is now in Tier 2, so we will only be allowed singles play as per the guidelines from our NGB.

I hope you have all stayed well and that we will see you back at the Club next week or soon after. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate our way through the guidelines.

Best wishes

CURTC President

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Wednesday, November 4th

Dear Members,

I am very sorry to let you know that, in line with Government requirements, the Club will close from end of play today until further notice. Hopefully the lockdown will end in early December and we will see you all playing then.

We really appreciate your continued support and hope to see you all again soon.

Best wishes

CURTC President

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Champagne League Finals

James Dowson (64) def Rosie Taylor (72) in the Division 2 finals: they were worthy finalists as they were both too strong for their rivals in their semis with Dowson def Waldock 8/4 and Taylor def Bovaird 8/2.

In the Division 1 finals the matches were closer with the President getting full value for her money with all 3 of her matches going to 8/7. Vix def Andy Smith in the quarter 8/7 and then Marco Bonaventura 8/7 but was unable to prevent Edward Furst from winning that final game at 7-all in the Div 1 final. Furst, who has recently completed his studies at the University took the prize of our favourite champagne.

A fitting end to the tournament was the prize draw for matches played prior to the deadline. Edward Furst pulled no. 5 out of the cup of 15 entries. Vix’s number!

Ed Furst

James Dowson

James & VH

VH & Rosie Taylor

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The 2020 NtVM

The 6th edition of the ‘Not the Varsity Match’ was played over a number (4) of Courts and a number (2) of weeks rather than the single day (Sunday, September 20th) and two courts (Oxford/Radley) as planned. The new format brought a number of new faces to the Alumni squads facing off for the much coveted NtVM trophy fashioned from our sponsors’, Pol Roger, wares. Divided into three groups, it was even-steven in the Good and Not-So-Bad sections but in the Beautiful group, the Not the Light Blues pulled ahead to clinch a 9 1/2 – 7 1/2 victory.

The MVP (most virtual player) was a tough one. The Jury narrowed it down to 4 players, two of whom won without conceding a game and two of whom lost from 7-all, 40-all. However, in the end incumbency proved vital and we have our first repeat NtVM-MVP in Sarah Lambie from RTC.

Staying in Cambridge

Thanks to everyone who took part and here’s to NtVM7 which (hopefully) will be held at Oxford and Radley on the equivalent date next year with perhaps an expanded prequel at Courts across the Country/Planet.

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Champagne Leagues* & the CURTC Summer Singles…

…Leagues are all up and running. Good luck to all participants and Stay Safe!

Click HERE for the Champagne Leagues latest…

and here for Division 1 of the CURTC Summer Singles League schedule and Tables

and HeRe for Division 2

*sponsored by Pol Roger


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