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Price List

Subscriptions2016/17if paid before 10/10/2016
Senior Member£175£165
Senior Member (Regent House Member)£170£160
Under 28£88 £83
18 – 21 £44£42
CU Student£80please enquire for exact details
Country Member* playing <6 times per year£59£55
Country Member* 6 or more per year£88£83
£5 discount for 2nd and subsequent family subscriptions
Court Fees per hourper PlayerWhole Court
Singles (off peak)£7.25£14.50
Singles (peak)£8.25£16.50
Doubles (off peak)£4.75£19.00
Doubles (peak)£5.25£21.00
Three-handed (off peak)£5.50£16.50
Three-handed (peak)£6.00£18.00
Under 21 and Junior (off peak)£4.25£8.50
Visitor (suggested donation)£5.00+
Peak: 5.30-9pm weekdays
Off peak: weekends plus weekdays during the day, plus the last court 9.30pm
* ≥30 miles from club

Professional Fees
One hour lesson comprising half-an-hour with the
professional on court followed by half-an-hour’s practice time
Lesson Kees Ludekens £15 (£30 for one hour)
Peter Paterson £14 (£28 for one hour)
Scott Blaber £14 (£28 for one hour)
Pro Shop
Racquets Standard £160
XtraTec Square £242
XtraTec Round £252
Restring £26
Repairing -first 2 strings £4.50
Repairing –per extra string £2
Racquet Hire £15 (for 4 games)
Club Polo Shirt £27 (100% cotton – embroidered)
Club Tie £26 (100% silk)
Shorts £26
Skirts £26
Sleeveless Club Sweater £85 (100% wool)
Sleeved Club Sweater £100 (100% wool)
Tracksuit bottoms £28
Zip neck tracksuit top £35
A selection of books on Real Tennis can be bought through the pros, including Roger Morgan’s excellent “Real Tennis in Cambridge – the First Six Hundred Years“.
Match Fees
Inter-club matches includes marking, court fees and lunch (£7)
– payable in cash on the day
£29 Best of 3 sets Singles
£20 Best of 3 sets Doubles
£42 Best of 3 sets Singles & Doubles
£20 1st to 8 set Singles
£15 1st to 8 set Doubles
£28 1st to 8 set Singles & Doubles
National League £18 (off peak) £20 (peak) (includes opponents’ court fees)
Food & Drink £7

2 Responses to “Price List”

  1. hanleem lee says:

    Hi. I am Hanleem. Few days ago, I just started my work as a visiting researcher in Cambridge University. I am thinking about taking a Tennis Lesson at your club. I guess, I kind of take a baby step on tennis. Do I need membership? If so, how much shall I have to pay? Would you mind if I just stop by your club to see what program you have?

    • Christie says:

      Hi Hanleem
      Please come to the Club and talk to one of the Pros. Real Tennis is a great game, I’m sure you will enjoy it!
      Best Regards

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