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20-29 Tournament sees students on top

Posted on March 25, 2013 | in Tournament | by

March 24th, 2013
After the first three rubbers in this year’s 20-29 tournament all ended with the same score, 8-6, the organiser feared the championship would go down to a ‘rock/paper/scissors’ shoot out. The match between William Russell and Andrew Petrie went to the radically different score of 8-7, and contained so much power hitting that Real Tennis may yet qualify as an ‘extreme sport’. In the end the event went the way of the handicapper, with Alex Evans beating Jimmy Campbell 8-4 in the final match and securing the only unbeaten record.

Results were:
William Russell 6-8 Alex Evans
Jimmy Campbell 8-6 Andrew Petrie
William Russell 6-8 Jimmy Campbell
Alex Evans 8-4 Andrew Petrie
William Russell 7-8 Andrew Petrie
Alex Evans 8-4 Jimmy Campbell

Winner: Alex Evans

Finalists in the 20 Category handicap tournamentLast year’s winner William Russell hands on the trophy to the new champion, Alex Evans
Semi-finalists in the 20 Category handicap tournamentCategory 20-29 tournament: Alex, Andrew Petrie, Jimmy Campbell, William

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