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2nds Varsity @CURTC, 4/7/21

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Cambridge were (more than) generous hosts for this years much delayed Varsity 2nds match against (of course) the Other Place. That it took place at all is the result of the perseverance and due diligence of our Pros, our President Vix and the CU Sports Service, to all of whom many thanks are due.
Jacqui kindly provided the following

With lots of tense third sets, 40-alls, and of course the dreaded bounce dedans & balls that were flush to the wall, Varsity Seconds had an incredible atmosphere (albeit quieter, and socially distant). Many thanks to the Ludekens family for letting us invade their backyard, and Louise for the incredible packed lunches. Special shout out to the freshers and new players who really stepped up and learnt all about this game in the short time we had.

along with some photo highlights. These were taken with a GoPro so some of the perspective looks a little odd but hopefully they give a flavour of what must have been a somewhat unreal day of Real Tennis!

Women 2nds Varsity, 2021, from left, Maddie, Poppy, Cameron & Camice

Men 2nds Varsity, 2021, from left, Charlie, Ben, Ashwin & Oliver


…and Ben saved us from a whitewash!

Women: Cambridge- 0/6 -Oxford, Men: Cambridge- 2/4 -Oxford
Congratulations to the Oxford squads and many thanks for making the trip!

Link to Google Photos Album of the above and many more

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