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40-49 Handicap Category Tournament Results

Posted on February 25, 2012 | in Tournament | by

After Ben Graham fell to Nigel Parslow and Philippe Nemery fell to Keith Beechener in the semi-finals, the 40-49 handicap tournament was won by Nigel Parslow, beating Keith Beechener 6-2

Category 40-49 Tournament Results
Group A
Gary Weller 4-4 Ben Graham
John Lees 2-8 David Pimblett
Gary Weller 6-4 John Lees
Ben Graham 7-3 David Pimblett
Gary Weller 2-7 David Pimblett
Ben Graham 5-4 John Lees
Group B
Louise Ludekens 2-10 Nigel Parslow
Jeremy Fairbrother 6-1 Christie Marrian
Nigel Parslow 6-2 Jeremy Fairbrother
Christie Marrian 1-7 Louise Ludekens
Louise Ludekens 6-4 Jeremy Fairbrother
Nigel Parslow 9-1 Christie Marrian
Group C
Linda Fairbrother 5-3 Steve O’Rahilly
Philippe Nemery 7-1 Jeremy Davidson
Linda Fairbrother 2-7 Philippe Nemery
Steve O’Rahilly 8-1 Jeremy Davidson
Linda Fairbrother 4-5 Jeremy Davidson
Steve O’Rahilly 4-6 Philippe Nemery
Group D
Keith Beechener 7-3 Gerald Smith
Nigel Playford 9-4 Lucie Browning
Nigel Playford 5-3 Gerald Smith
Keith Beechener 6-5 Lucie Browning
Keith Beechener 9-0 Nigel Playford
Gerald Smith 5-5 Lucie Browning
Semi Finals
Ben Graham 5-6 Nigel Parslow
Philippe Nemery 1-6 Keith Beechener
Nigel Parslow 6-2 Keith Beechener

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