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Booted in Wellington

Posted on April 30, 2018 | in Match Report | by

Wellington, More – Less, CURTC

Inspired by a great afternoon at CURTC watching the denouement of the RT World Championship, streamed from Queen’s, it was off to Wellington to put newly found inspiration into practice. Wellington is now even bluer, is crest free (on the main wall at least) and has a newly polished floor that looks almost marble like (but it isn’t). Each match lasted one hour which explains some of the odd scores and I think I was convinced that we had not won at the end of it all. Singleswise, I did not have a good day (to put it mildly). My thanks to the Wellington marker Adam for not including the score of 3rd set that I also lost during our 55 minutes on Court. Liz took pity on me at that point and decided that the extra 5 minutes would be better spent on lunch. And I won the first game…. Doubleswise it was a different story. Funny ol’ game!
More to come….
….and here’s the more….

CURTC visit the bluer than blue Wellington


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