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CURTC Reopens on July 25th

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from President Vix

I received confirmation this morning that the work carried out during the lockdown, and the risk assessment we have developed is sufficient to allow us to reopen on a restricted basis. I am extremely grateful to Jim Ludekens for carrying out essential tests and other tasks during the lockdown period, which has been crucial to our success today. Please now feel free to book as normal. Booking the courts acknowledges your acceptance of four important ‘Booking conditions’ below and that you will comply with the ‘Regulations for Real Tennis over the current period’ which follow. Please take particular note of Sections 2 and 3.:

Booking conditions
  1. the booking sheet will be used as our track and trace record. If required, we will share your data with track and trace compliance teams.
  2. we can only operate under restricted conditions, laid out below. I am sorry if these seem a little draconian but without them we cannot reopen. For the safety of our community and to enable us to stay open, I urge you to comply with these conditions. You may lose your right to book and play if you do not comply. We will be audited from time to time and member compliance will be high on the list of the assessors.
  3. you acknowledge that you are responsible for assessing your own risk status. If you are at high risk from coronavirus, please carefully consider whether these precautions are sufficient to keep you safe and make an appropriate judgement.
  4. if you, or any members of your household or bubble, have any symptoms of coronavirus, cancel your court and do not come to the Club. We will not charge you for your court under these circumstances.
Regulations for Real Tennis at CURTC over the current period
1/ staffing
Peter and Kees are working a two week rota, furlough rotation. Peter will work from 25 July-5 August; Kees will carry on for the following two weeks from 6 August. This arrangement enables us to participate in the part time furlough scheme. The rota will be kept under review.
2/ opening hours, court times, arrival and departure from the Club
  •   court times are staggered, to reduce cross over. The Blue court has returned to the half hour start and the Green court remains on the hour.
  •  court times have reduced to 45 mins. After 45 mins please leave the court immediately to allow a period of ventilation before the next booking. This should also prevent meeting people in the corridors.
  •  do not enter the building more than 5 mins before your court booking starts. Please leave immediately after your court finishes.
  •  changing rooms are out of bounds. Please arrive changed and ready to play.
  •  there is hand sanitiser at the entrance to the club and on both courts. Please use on arrival and departure.
  •  both dedans, the clubroom upstairs, the green court WC and the Proshop are out of bounds
  •  the WC at the entrance is only available in emergencies. We are waiting for a legionella test, so if you do need to use it, please take the appropriate precautions and use the hand sanitiser afterwards.
  •  do not change in any area of the Club
  •  ensure no personal belongings are left at the Club
3/ play etiquette
  •  remain at opposite ends of the net: i.e. no drills from the same side of the court; follow the changing ends procedure below.
  •  Singles play only. Doubles is not allowed.
  •  wear a glove on your non-racket hand: we recommend that you use your gloved hand for the balls, doors and light switches (i.e. all shared surfaces) and your non-gloved hand for personal items: phone, racket, keys, water bottle etc. Please bring your own glove where possible and wash it before returning or use a single use glove and dispose of it after your game.
  •  there are no rackets to hire or borrow
  •  there is no water available at the club. Please bring your own bottle and water supply.
  •  changing ends: a box is marked by the net for the outgoing server to wait in, while the receiver comes through. The outgoing server should remain in that box until the new server reaches the last gallery line.
  •  collecting balls: do not place balls on your opponent’s racket when changing ends. Wait until you need a new basket and then collect them all (with your gloved hand if possible). Only one player should take the balls, while the other waits in the box (if at the service end).
  •  at the end of your game, please collect the balls and place them in the basket ready for the next players.
  •  do not shake hands at the end of the game, a friendly wave from afar will suffice
  •  no spectators allowed (unless for safeguarding)
4/ coaching
  •  only one to one coaching is allowed
  •  the Professional will remain at the opposite end of the court
  •  please pay the Pro online
5/ emergencies
  •  if the fire alarm sounds, evacuate the Club immediately. The fire service will be alerted automatically if Estates Management cannot reach a Professional
  •  First aid: there are individual first aid PPE kits in each first aid box, placed in each gallery. These comprise a single use mask, apron and gloves. Please use them for first aid incidences, dispose after use in the rubbish bin and email the Club to let us know what happened. We will replenish the supplies and record the accident. The Sports Service have advised us not to use rescue breaths if CPR is necessary. If you are the first aider, and are competent to do so, only perform compressions and call an ambulance.
6/ proshop
The proshop will operate for restringing and regripping services. The Pros are also taking orders for rackets and clothing as usual. Please communicate by email or telephone with the Pros. There is no access to the dedans or pro shop, so please arrange to drop off or collect rackets with Peter or Kees directly.
7/ cleaning
  •  We will operate a robust cleaning regime, with high frequency surfaces cleaned throughout the day.
  •  The courts will be cleaned with disinfectant each evening – the last bookable courts will be 8pm and 8.30pm, to allow cleaning to occur.
  •  members are asked to be diligent with their use of hand sanitiser and hand washing regimes.
8/ leagues
  •  we hope to operate the Champagne Leagues and an informal summer league during August and September
  •  there will be no social event or spectators for the leagues
  •  the Pros will mark as usual but from the Blue court dedans
9/ handicaps
The T&RA have instructed us not to adjust handicaps as a result of a deterioration of fitness or standard during lockdown. They advise that members initially play a few unrecorded matches to regain their previous form.
10/ prices
  • As the court time is reduced to 45 mins, hourly court rates will be reduced accordingly.
  • The Summer Seasons Ticket will be reduced to £60.
  • Matches are marked according to format, so there should not need to be any adjustment to the prices.
  • Payment to the Club by bank transfer only until further notice
Thank you all for your good will, patience and compliance during this challenging period. I hope these regulations give you confidence that we have made the Club as safe as possible and that you will return to play when ready.
Vix Harvey, CURTC, President

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