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CURTC get Stuck on M4 and come Unstuck on Court

Posted on June 12, 2017 | in Match Report | by



It was off to Holyport on Saturday and off we certainly were (with one notable exception). Our trip down was almost asymptotic, the closer we got, the slower we crawled. But eventually we arrived to see some (unscheduled) Doubles being played and CURTC already two down. Not a good start….
We didn’t do much better as we raced to a 6-1, 5-1 deficit. We clambered back to 5-all but that was it and we were left with the thought that we had doubled CURTC’s games won even if we had done nothing for the sets won. Guy and Kate also managed a 6-5 but we were facing a whitewash as Kate took to the Court for the final match. While I consoled myself with some lunch Kate got serious and I looked up to see a 5-0 lead. Returning to the Dedans to support in person did cause a slight hiccup, but Cambridge finally won a set! And then another to at least get Cambridge to 1 in the Win column.
Many thanks to our hosts, especially Colm O’Shea the HRTC MM amd John Evans the HRTC Pro for marking. We look forward to doing a bit better when HRTC visit next year!
Click on the image below so you can actually make out what is going on…

Kate Kirk, Julian Stafford, Jules Camp, Guy Kirk -CURTC vs HRTC- Chris Figg (playing Kate), John Evans (Marker), Colm O’Shea (MM)


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