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CURTC stagger on to Canford – June 5th, 2016

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The Home (in the UK) of Chase 8

The Home (in the UK) of Chase 8

Fortified by an assortment of fine dining, wine and whiskey (and I dare say a few beers) our intrepid CURTC travellers made it to Canford for the 2nd leg of their Dorset tour in more or less one piece. Andy Murray was due to play that other kind of tennis so would it be a day to remember or forget… The first thing to note is that Canford really does have a Chase 8…

Neil Stutchbury was first up against the Canford Assistant Pro, James Ryan, who has rapidly descended the handicap list over the past year. He hits what alert CURTC member, Mr Pimblett, calls a ‘heavy ball’ i.e. he blasts it. Neil started impressively, even more impressively given how he had appeared an hour or so earlier according to a particularly impressed Steve Ronaldson, the Canford Pro and our genial host. James’ radar was a tad off and the penthouse above the Dedans took a real hammering. Neil prevailed (survived?) but once James can lower his sights a foot, another ten points will surely disappear from his handicap.

David Pimblett was up next and showed no ill effects from either the previous evening or a playing on an unfamiliar Court as he raced to a 5-0 lead. His opponent, Stephen Seagrave, clearly decided that this was more than sufficient generosity to a visitor and reeled off the next 12 games. It was quite a remarkable turn-around (to put it mildly).

A last minute schedule change had Andrew Petrie and Chris Swan (Canford) next on court. Not to be lured into the same trap as David, Andrew cunning lost the 5th game after winning the first 4. Up 5-3, this strategy looked to have been a master stroke, but alas the visitors were again more than generous to our hosts.

In a controversial move, CURTC’s ‘dream team’ Doubles pairing from the previous day at the Hyde was split up and replaced by the husband and wife combo of Nigel and Fiona Brown. My wife doesn’t play RT but I can imagine that this may not be the ideal way to prepare for a return via London’s orbital ‘park and not ride’, the M25. Nervousness was somewhat in evidence but seemed to have been banished as Fiona hit her stride (and forehands) and Nigel adopted his ‘they shall not pass’ attitude in front of the Tambour. CURTC inched back to get even after the slow start and suddenly I found myself starting the ‘oh my god, I’m going to be playing in the deciding rubber’ routine. Alas it proved unnecessary and CURTC slipped gracefully to a third loss for the day.

Well, I too cuuningly (not) lost the 5th game after racing (well a brisk walk, maybe) to a 4-0 lead. But I have to admit, I was having one of those days. I couldn’t do anything wrong. I won the first set by returning a serve into the second gallery on a hazard chase (surely, one of the most satisfying shots on a tennis court) followed by going for (honestly) and beating a 2 yard chase. The second set was a blur and to cap it all, my opponent had the graciousness to look thoroughly exhausted as well.

Fortified but a quick beer and sandwich and the knowledge that Andy Murray wasn’t going to keep us up all night, we headed off to find a good spot on the M25 to enjoy the remainder of the evening.

Many thanks to our hosts at Canford and The Hyde, we look forward to welcoming you individually or as Clubs in Cambridge!

The Battle of the C's: Canford 3 - CURTC 2

The Battle of the C’s: Canford 3 – CURTC 2


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