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Fahey and Hobbs win for Cambridge!

Posted on June 4, 2009 | in National League | by

Hampton Court on Wednesday saw the final of the National League Premier Division, between CURTC 1 and RTC. Rob Fahey and Mark Hobbs, now back from injury, were up against the division leaders, Nick Wood and Ben Matthews of RTC.

The first singles, between Mark and Ben, was a close affair in the first set, with Mark volleying the return of serve effectively. Ben finally clinched it 6–4. He continued with some good tennis to win the second set 6–2. The eagerly anticipated match between Rob and Nick was up next, with their record 1–1 in the league matches this season.

Nick started the match well, taking the first 2 games, but then Rob began to play blistering tennis, taking the first set 6-3 and the second 6-0. Apart from the brilliant tennis, the crowd now had what they wanted; a doubles to decide the match. Once again, there had been nothing to separate the two teams during the season.

Cambridge started the doubles well, running off to a 4–0 lead. Then RTC came back at them, playing some fine tennis, to take the score to 4–3. The tennis then went to another level, with a succession of brilliant shots and thrilling points. We have rarely seen Rob play better in the doubles and he was well supported by Mark. The set went 8–4 to Cambridge, to win the match and the title.

The trophy was awarded by the sponsor, Maurice Lacroix; Rob was also named MVP for the Premier Division. Hampton Court provided an excellent and welcoming venue for the match, and our thanks go to the organisers and the sponsors.

Congratulations to Rob and Mark on a fine win; and also to Rob Hird and Peter Paterson, who both played for the team during the season. We look forward to another fine season in the Premier Division next year – perhaps we can make it three in a row!

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