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Intraclub Student Tournament

Posted on November 18, 2022 | in Gallery, Giraffe, Tournament | by

Finalists: Matthew Levine & Julius Gasson vs Igor Sterner & Danny Leboff

On Friday 11th November, our first student tournament was held. This was an exciting initiative driven by the new student committee members and aimed to foster an even more cohesive and inclusive environment at CURTC. We had a fantastic turnout with 4 pairs playing in a 20-minute timed Round Robin Stage. Despite the two captains’ desperate efforts to keep ahead, the weight of the heavily cut tennis balls were too much for their left-hands to handle. After some great tennis, two top pairs (Igor Sterner & Danny Leboff and Matthew Levine & Julius Gasson) battled through the finals. Igor’s fluid forehands kept the ball off the corners while Danny’s agility illuminated the dedans as we mere mortals watched on. Some may say it was a battle between a spear and a shield. After a series of intense rallies, Matthew and Julius shifted the gear and started to crack what seemed to be an unbreachable shield. Appearing calmer and collected as the games went on, Mathew and Julius developed a better strategy, utilising the chases. They went on to seal the last game in style, winning 6-5.

The evening would not have been possible without the generous support from the Giraffe Club and students would like to thank the members as well as Andy Smith for their unquestionable care and empathy towards our mission of promoting friendly and inclusive club. Although not present on the day, our Pros continues to foster an open environment for students to develop their tennis both socially and competitively. So much goes behind the scenes and we, students, are forever grateful for their wisdom. We look forward to seeing even more students at our next event!

Jin Lee (Men’s Captain 2022/23)


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