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Kleinwort Benson Cambridge Leagues final results

Posted on May 4, 2009 | in Cambridge League | by

Cambridge News, as well as being available online via our KBCL page. Below are the final standings of the three divisions:

Kleinwort Benson Cambridge League Div 1

1st Science Park 37 points
Stew McTavish (c), Mark Perriton, Rupert Grose, Patrick Ward, Linda Fairbrother, Malcolm Howlett
2nd Tee Lorimers 31 points
John Lees (c), John Burnett, Steve Chadwick, John Howard , Phil Hind, John Trapp
3rd King’s College School Parents 30 points
Glen Pilgrim (c), Julian Stafford, Jay Harrison, Norbert Peabody, Nic Rhode
4th Frog 26 points
Eric Nutter, David Walmsley, Stuart Arrandale (c), John Kirkpatrick, Andrew Parkhouse
5th St John’s College School Parents 16 points
Graeme Menzies, Nicholas Heath, David Pimblett, Louise Ludekens (c), Martyn Downer, Paul Murray-John

Kleinwort Benson Cambridge League Div 2

1st Kleinwort Benson 41 points
Chris Wykes, Raymond Spencer, Alex Wright, Michael Magnay (c), Justin McCann
2nd Addenbrookes Hospital 26 points
Ken Smith , John Firth, Barnaby Perks (c), Nick Wareham, Steve O’Rahilly
3rd Price Bailey 25 points (higer game %)
Lawrence Bailey (c), Paul Robison, Jeremy Fairbrother, Becky Coombs, Guy Kirk, Alasdair Poore
4th Total Eye Care 25 points
Lorne Williamson, Shaun Ruffles, Richard Brookes, David Thomas (c), Julian Kirkpatrick
5th Tayabali, Tomlin & White 21 points
William Rankine, Gerald Smith, Christopher Dean, Imran Tayabali (c), Simon White

Kleinwort Benson Cambridge League Div 3

1st Shelford Rugby Club Stranglers 40 points
Rick Albrow, Tony Clarke (c), David Herbert, Neil Ruffles, Jeremy Risebrow
2nd 33 points
Richard Holt, Michael Womack, Tom Hartley (c), Chris Walthew, Mark Flynn
3rd ARTVPS 31 points
Jeremy Davidson, Edward Johnson, Chris Eggleton, Brian Tyler (c), Robert Cassels
4th Newnham Village 21 points
John Ferguson [Cambridge] (c), Mark Palmer, Gillian Moore, Smuts Beyers, William Lawes, Stephen Armitage
5th Architecture IMG 15 points
Fiona Brown, Michael Lennox, Ian Mcgonigal (c), Ken Worthing, Peter Miller, Jonathan Spence

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