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CURTC is hosting an exciting new agility class on Monday 29 May at 4pm on the Green court. The aim of the class is to improve your footwork, speed and agility.

SOCA SKIP is a rope skipping class designed and run by Fronzie Charles an elite athlete and former world champion Taekwondo legend.

There will be music from the Caribbean carnival, skipping, stretching and strength work. This class is as challenging as you make it and accessible to all levels of fitness.

You need trainers, flexible clothing (gym kit/ tennis kit is fine) and a towel.

This is a pilot project which we hope will bring different members of the club together and offers a chance to improve your agility and fitness.

To book: email

Numbers are limited.

Medical/ Care information: please give details of any medical, health or other care information that the club needs to be aware of.

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