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Red, Green & Blue

Posted on August 11, 2019 | in NewsTicker | by

When you next go to the club be prepared for a bit of surprise. (Assuming that Grange Road has reopened following the visit of a monstrous crane today.) The Car Park has lost its Green and the Blue Court is no longer as Red. On Saturday there was no Time for Questions as the CURTC Gardeners arrived with an astonishing assortment of hi- (and lo-) tech hoes, rakes, spades and forks. Within an hour or so the Green bins were full and Mark Hobbs was trying (once again) to get me to hit the ball over the Green Court net at least twice… Meanwhile the Blue Court continued its transformation into a hessian-free, brightly-painted and not-so-Red Court at the Home of Real Tennis. Everything is on track and the Court should be back to doing what it does best on Monday evening.

Many thanks to all who helped out, you can spot most of them* in the pictures below (click for larger versions).

Blue Court, 10/8/19

Terry and Other Gardeners…

*missing are Photographer & Painter Kees, President & Painter Vix and Sustenance Provider Louise

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