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Seacourt drop by for some Lunch (and Tennis)

Posted on June 12, 2018 | in Match Report, NewsTicker | by

Seacourt, CURTC, Seacourt, Seacourt, CURTC, SS (marker)

Seacourt, CURTC, Seacourt, Seacourt, Seacourt, CURTC, SS (marker)

Seacourt visited Grange Road following tennis related detours to Hatfield and Newmarket last Sunday. To be fair, they had had to endure the day/night of eternal rugby whilst in Newmarket so were perhaps not at their ‘freshest’. However, this was not really apparent on Court as they took three of the four Singles whilst resting in the Doubles.

This left the match tied at 3 apiece which is how it remains following a failed attempt to count back glasses of wine over lunch. All the Singles went to three sets so there were plenty of candidates for the much coveted come-back of the day award, a.k.a. the Lazarus Shield. In fact it was so close, that we are going to leave it to you dear reader(s) to decide with the following poll…

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Lazarus Shield


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