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Tayabali & White singles – Th’underdogs v T&W2

Posted on January 26, 2017 | in NewsTicker | by

In the opening match of the Tayabali & White 2017 Cambridge Singles League for Division 3, Th’underdogs took on Tayabali & White 2 (there’s a Tayabali & White 1 with presumably better players in it somewhere above us)

First up was Neil Ruffles against the eponymous Simon White who managed to claw back from Neil’s killer serves with some skillful corner shots to take the second set and then the third set. Neil’s game seemed to suffer from some self-frustration as his grip on the game lessened, which only accelerated the slip. He managed to get on top of this but slightly too late to help secure the last set.

Next up was Robert Altham against Tom Hartley who both seemed to be taking it rather too lightly. Robert’s fantastic boasts from the mainwall corner of the service end meant the ball kept just dying out of reach from Tom. Robert took the first set 6-3. Tom eventually realised about halfway through the match that a mainwall nick shot around the last gallery line could stop this and it had the added advantage that it often gained a chase and this turned the match in his favour, and gave him the second set 6-3. Tom eventually took the final set also with the score of 6-3, making it 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 to Tom.

The final leg saw Alasdair Poore take on Guy Kirk who was pleased to learn he was spared any pressure for the match. However, this was not perhaps the case for Alasdair as he clearly cared passionately about winning his match. Guy’s relaxed air helped him gain a comfortable lead in the first set but Alasdair managed to pull himself out of his low spot and fought back bravely managing to hold Guy to five all in the second set. At 40-all, game, and potentially set and match point, Guy served, Alasdair returned, Guy shut it down into the corner and Alasdair was unable to fetch it back.

A clean sweep for Tayabali & White but a valiant effort and some fantastic food from Th’Underdogs

Th’underdogs (Alasdair Poole rec’r) v T&W2 (Guy Kirk serving)

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