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The Second ‘Not the Varsity Match’, NtVM2, @Oxford and Radley, 25/9/16

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Simon admiring the NtVM trophy

Simon admiring the NtVM trophy

In the best of 17 format, our ace scheduler had managed to have the score 8-8 as I took to the Court to play my fellow captain, Liz Eva Leach, in the aptly named ‘Captains’ Match’. I won the first set 6-0 with the feeling that things couldn’t possibly go on like this, I was correct…
We were warmly welcomed by OUTC and Radley who both generously made their busy Courts available for the entire day for the now annual Alumni match between Oxford and Cambridge. Teams were based on Alumni status of members of CURTC and OUTC. Some PHOTOS but there is

Equipped with some impressive NtVM shirts (thanks Kate!) including a long sleeve version for JT, 11 intrepid Cambridge Alumni headed for Oxford/Radley. After months of pouring over Bus timetables, Park & Ride maps and Restaurant guides, it was finally time to get on Court!

The good start of the Not the Dark Blues (NtDB) at Oxford was equaled by the good start of the Not the Light Blues (NtLB) at Radley. Maybe the the Radley Court’s colour scheme made our brave chaps and chapesses feel more at home (see pictures). Tit for tat wins saw the score get to 4-4 as Simon Hirtzel finally got the NtLB in the win column at Oxford as Graham Piddock, Mark Bale, John Trapp, Chris Lintott & Richard Bowers registered wins at Radley for the good guys including two three setters.

Cambridge Alum (and scheduler) Chris Lintott convincingly won the battle of the Profs putting in an early bid for the MVP (most valuable pourer) award. Richard Dunn’s racked up the days’ mileage award in shuttling backwards and forwards to Radley before teaming with John Bailey to win a key Doubles back at Oxford. Kate Kirk’s ‘altitude’ training in the Medoc marathon was unfortunately was got quite enough to match the Gallic flare of her opponent Jean-Francois. Kate and Simon then headed to Radley for the penultimate match of Doubles with the NtLB clinging on to an 8-7 lead.

…I struggled in that all too important ‘first game of the second set’ and suddenly I was 5-0 down. It’s a funny old game! I addedd some respectability to the scoresheet but we were soon in the third set. This time I did win the first game but promptly lost the next two and was facing a match point (or two, it’s all a bit hazy frankly). I got lucky and managed a chase in an ‘any old chase will do’ situation. 5-all, but at least I was serving and it was my turn to have a match point (or two). Liz hit the bandeau and got the service back, won the chase and served again. I returned and the ball arced up, and up, and up…..

Many thanks to the Pros, Craig at Oxford and Chris at Radley, for their marking and support of the match. Special thanks to Chris and Liz who organised everything at Oxford & Radley and provided magnificent lunches. Thanks to everyone who participated (I believe I have included most people in the various photos (apologies, Mark S)). We look forward to welcoming everyone for NtVM3 back here in Cambridge on (probably) the corresponding last weekend in September next year. Link opens a gallery in Google Photos

Full results

ps Oxford have upgraded their Court lighting. A definite improvement, IMO!

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