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Free Taster Sessions!

Membership of CURTC is open to all, very much town as well as gown.  We love welcoming new members of any age.  This ancient and intriguing game is fast or slow, tactical, subtle and addictive.  One of our professionals (Kees, Peter and Mark) is usually here 9am – 5pm on weekdays or 9am – 12 noon on Saturdays, they will be happy to explain and encourage.

We offer free taster lessons in small groups usually on the first and third Wednesday each month at 12:30pm and 5 or 6pm.  Just register your interest with the pros, in person, by telephone, 01223 357106 or by email

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A Fun Intro Session Last Wednesday

Newcomers get airborne at a CURTC Intro Session!

Photo: Kees

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Recent Intro Sessions

CURTC’s free taster sessions are a great way to get an introduction to our great game. Here’s some recent introductees!

Northstowe Girl Guides

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CURTC Win The Peter Luck-Hille Cup

William, Leandros and Riya with the Cup

In the final of the Peter Luck-Hille Cup at the Wellington Real Tennis Court, CURTC represented by 3 players from Parkside Community College, overcame Wellington College 5/1 to win this National competition for school children. Congratulations go to Leandros Georgoulis, Riya Bharwad and William Buttrey for this excellent achievement.
Thank you’s go to Peter for travelling with the team as their coach at the final and Felicity Ridall-Bell for supporting Kees throughout the season.
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The Champagne Tournament for Newcomers, May 2024

Oliver Anderson-Shah presents the winner with his bottle of Pol Roger

The new intake of 9 Uni students to the Club were invited to compete in the Champagne Tournament on Saturday 18 May, giving them the opportunity to play matches after only starting the game two weeks earlier. In the group stage Marcus Cloke-Browne had convincing victories over Alexander Frenkel, James Gibson and Jacob Haddo, all 6-1. Jacob was able to overcome Alex 6/5 to book his place in the final.  In the Final, Marcus led 5-1 with excellent sidewall serves and strokes to good length from the hazard end. However Jacob was able to win a series of match points to come back to 4-5 which tested  Marcus’ resolve. Marcus stepped up his game, again, with two excellent chases, which he then defended successfully to win the tournament. Special thanks go to Oliver Anderson-Shar and Benjamin Craig for marking the matches.





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MCC Fens Weekend

Every year our friends based at Lords and elsewhere make a weekend pilgrimage to play in the flat lands. Saturday is Newmarket and this year both halves of the MCC-Newmarket trophy were reunited for the first time since 2015. (Having seen the newly reunited trophy pieces I can sort of understand why, as it was not obvious that the two pieces had anything to do with each other!)

Of course the match ended in a tie (4-all, including 3x 7-all, 40-all’s) so the winner to be engraved on the trophy had to be decided by a games countback which ended by a margin of 2 in favour of the hosts. ‘Never in doubt’ as someone muttered….

Sunday was Cambridge and a 10am start which stretched the coffee making resources and biscuit supply somewhat. In order to avoid the plethora of 7-all’s of the previous day, all matches were a single set to 10 of which only 2 went to to 9-all which kept the schedule more or less on track. Cambridge took the honours (5-3) including all 4 matches on Fortress Green. So no countback was needed to decide on the engraving although the absence of any trophy (lost or found) made this somewhat academic.

Thanks to Mark and Peter for their marking and post match encouragements. We look forward to visiting Lords in December and the return, here in the Fens, next May.

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Spot the Senior Treasurer…

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Youf Club

CURTC Youf met Hatfield Youf on a fun day of tennis, pizza, and music this Sunday!  
A day full of social doubles matches mixed Cambridge students, alumni, and visitors from many different clubs – Hatfield, Prested, Middlesex, Queen’s, RTC & MCC.
The club was filled with good vibes, unbelievable rests, and bubbling enthusiasm for the game – even rail strikes couldn’t stop a single player from making their way to Cambridge!
Thanks to everyone for coming down and making it a fantastic day of tennis – hopefully a start to a lovely new tradition 🙂
Thanks to Hatfield Youf for a brilliant original idea and help with transferring the format to CURTC – cheers Paul, Clare, Grant, Minty! And thanks to Kees for all the support and help with organising!
Ulla Petti
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Mark Hobbs – CURTC Professional

Mark Hobbs & Ed Kay

I am delighted to announce that Mark Hobbs has agreed to join our current Professional team of Kees and Peter at the Club. Mark starts this new role on Monday 20 May.

Mark is a well known figure around CURTC, as he has been coaching and marking for us on an ad hoc basis for many years: he first worked at CURTC in 1998; since then Mark has gone on to qualify as a Level 2 Real Tennis Professional as well as holding coaching qualifications in a wonderful array of other sports. He is a keen player himself, with a ‘best handicap’ (at least according to RTO) of 0.1. In addition to Cambridge, Mark has coached at Newmarket and was Head Professional at Prested Hall.

I am sure he will bring enthusiasm and energy to the Club and I know Kees and Peter are looking forward to returning to a fully staffed team. I am very grateful to them for keeping us going through the many staffing arrangements we have had in place over the last few years.

Vix Harvey, CURTC President

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2024 Rose Bowl

The annual club dinner will be held at the club on the Saturday night.
Please DOWNLOAD the entry form here and either email details to:- or telephone 01638 66 66 12

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23/24 East Anglia Pennant: Cambridge Win!

CURTC regained the East Anglian Pennant 2023/24. After another great season, Cambridge came out on top of this year’s EAP by a clear 5 points. Captained by Alan Sharpe with team members of Arthur Adams, Ben Craig, Vix Harvey, & Sonia Badenhorst they overcame stiff opposition in Prested, Newmarket and Hatfield with matches home and away, singles and doubles.

I would just like to say a big thank you to all players involved who made commitments on Thursday evenings through the winter schedule, sometimes not returning back to Cambridge till the early hours of the following morning. We hosted some great dinners afterwards which makes the Pennant such an enjoyable evening. Thank you to my team and we look forward to retaining the Pennant in 24/25

Alan Sharpe – EAP captain & Away travel taxi service

PlayedDoublesSinglesTotal Points


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Peter Luck-Hille Cup Semi Final

Cambridge hosted the Oratory School in the Semi Final of the Peter Luck-Hille cup. Cambridge won 4 matches to 2 and progress to the final at Wellington School!
Cambridge players in front of the grille, from left to right: Leandros Georgoulis, Riya Bharwad & William Buttrey.
In his speech, the Cambridge first string, Leandros Georgoulis, congratulated the Oratory players on their performance and their sportsmanship. He also acknowledged the support received from Felicity Riddall-Bell who has assisted Kees in preparing the team for their matches
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Taster Session

Fresh from a successful row up the Thames in this year’s Boat Race, Kenny Coplan dropped in to CURTC for a taster session with Peter!

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Junior/Senior 80+ Tournament

In preparation for the next round of the Peter Luck-Hille Cup, some noble Seniors took to the court to give CURTC’s team some match practice. Leandros Georgoulis won the tournament (and the Lindt chocolate!) overcoming William Buttrey in the final. Congratulations to the Seniors and Juniors for so many 5-all 40-all matches!

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The Brooke Report: From Across the Pond

Lee University, Tennessee

Hello again, Brooke here reporting on the club’s invasion on Wednesday, March 4th. by twenty students from Lee University, Tennessee. For some years now Dr Louis Morgan has led this mini-invasion as they use Cambridge as a base for what is for many of them their first time in Europe. The trip’s a mix of study and tourism as they take in London, Paris, Edinburgh, Dublin et al and over that time Dr Morgan has become a great friend of Cambridge and Grantchester in particular. Indeed, events in the village are often arranged around his availability, the King’s coronation, the Reviers’ wedding and more. It’s not an event unless ‘Louie’ is there.

I suggested they might like to have a look at our game so, having spent the morning in The Parker Library at Corpus, Mrs Revier’s college, overdosing on history, they arrived at our club. The Reviers gave them an introduction to the game and the assorted versions of its origins before I divided them into two groups and shepherded them onto the courts where they were coached by Kees, Bella Harvey and the Reviers. They were touchingly supportive of each other as they laughed their way through the next hour and a half and learning it wasn’t such an easy game after all.


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