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CURTC at British Ladies Singles and Doubles Handicaps

Posted on November 9, 2021 | in Membership, Tournament | by

The Cambridge ladies at the British Ladies Handicaps didn’t quite sweep the board, but had a good go at it. Mind you, we covered all bases – age range from 16 to 71, and height range from 5’1″ to 5’10” (11″? 12 cubits? Quite tall, anyway).
Four players, all of whom got to the semis, three to the finals, and one as the winner. Unfortunately, two of our players were against each other in their Final, or we might have got another piece of silverware.

Belle Harvey was a Finalist in the Category 2 Singles, but lost out to an Oxford student, while the Category 1 Singles Final was an all-Cambridge affair, with Vix our chairman against Jacqui Sui. This was a great match which went to the line: 5/5 40/40. A clever shot by Jacqui which landed just under the dedans gave her the victory.

Report and photos by Linda Fairbrother
Other person in photos is Katie Leppard, LRTA Chair

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