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We(s)t Coast Weekend

Posted on November 15, 2019 | in Match Report, NewsTicker, Video | by

Unprepared for the size of the Court and the continuous precipitation outside, 9 of CURTC’s finest were figuratively and physically soaked when visiting the other place on Saturday. Attempts to keep our heads above the rapidly rising waters were largely unsuccessful in a 5-2 drenching which could actually have been more even worse as both CURTC’s victories came via 7-all 40-all. Names are being withheld as they have suffered enough. Nonetheless there were no signs of dampened spirits as those staying in Oxford overnight found various locations to shelter from the continuing downpour.

‘Under the weather’ seemed an apt description of some of the party who moved on to Bristol for a marginally less unsuccessful day on Court. At least we made it to the last match with a chance but it was not to be as the Home team triumphed 3-2. A notable feature, perhaps due to the previous day’s inclement conditions was a, to remain nameless, player who contrived to loose 11 successive gains having been 3-0 up in the first set. A brief attempt to bring back the Lazarus trophy fell woefully short as this still nameless player watched, calmly it must be said, as the ball bounced into the Dedans when defending a 1/2 yard chase to put the icing on a 3-6, 2-6 silver medal performance.

Many thanks to our hosts, especially Jeremy I-S and Craig Greenhalgh at Oxford and Ben Coleman (Bristol) for their hospitality and tireless marking during a most enjoyable weekend away.

And for a couple of really short videos click on

The underarm twist (or variations thereon) caught the camera’s lens



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